Caramelized Oranges

A cross between caramelized oranges and candied orange slices, this 2-ingredient citrus fruit dessert elevates the decor and flavor to cakes, cupcakes, toast, and yogurt bowls!

Easy Slices of Caramelized Oranges

Caramelized oranges make a beautiful topping for sweet baked goods like citrus cake, chia pudding, yogurt bowls, oatmeal, baked into baked oats, and even added to toast with layer or cream cheese.

If you have never tried caramel oranges before, it’s a sugary caramel coating layered on luscious roasted slices of oranges that deliver amazing flavor!

To make this simple recipe for orange slices you need 2 ingredients and a roasting pan. You can keep the rind and skins on which become soft and delicate after roasting, or take them off to chop it into yogurt.

Not only are these caramel oranges the bloom of the season, you can make them sugar-free and use various types of oranges.

Ingredients: Oranges and Sugar

We dive into this recipe using organic navel oranges or blood oranges since those are the ones we most commonly find at stores. Since this recipe has the peels on them it is best to choose organic to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals and sprays. Here are other types of oranges to use for caramelized oranges and when they are in season.

  • Navel Oranges: November – May
  • Blood Oranges: December – May
  • Tangerines: November – May
  • Mandarin Oranges: December – January
  • Honeybells: January – February
  • Temples: February – March
  • Cara Cara Oranges: March – March
  • Tangelos: April – April
  • Valencia Oranges: June – June

As for the sugar we tested out 3 variations:

  • Organic turbinado sugar – an organic sugar that is not bleached and much better for you than white sugar. This type of sugar caramelizes the best.
  • Coconut sugar – coconut sugar works and creates a darker finish. It tends to burn quicker in the oven if it is not in a moist area near the oranges, so if using coconut sugar keep it away from the edges of the pan.
  • Monk fruit sugar – monk fruit is wonderful to use in sugar-free baking and works great for sweetening dessert treats. When it roasts in the oven the orange slices are lighter in color and it finishes in a thinner caramel coating rather than a thicker syrup like brown sugar creates.

How to make caramelized oranges

STEP 1: Preheat the oven to 500 Degrees F and cut the oranges crosswise into even slices about ¼ inch thick.

STEP 2: Spray an 11 x 17 inch baking pan with a rim with cooking oil. Sprinkle half the sugar evenly over the entire surface. Arrange the fresh orange slices evenly over the sugar with about ½ inch in between. Sprinkle the oranges evenly to coat with the remaining sugar.

STEP 3: Bake on the middle rack in the oven. Cook for 6-8 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through cooking (at about 4 minutes), cook time until the sugar turns an amber brown. Remove from oven and let it cool for 1 hour.

STEP 4: Gently remove the orange slices from the pan and store in an airtight container until you are ready to serve or packed as a gift. Can be reheated and served slightly warm.

Storing Candied and Caramelized Orange Slices

Use immediately or store the candied and caramelized oranges in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it ok to eat orange peel?

Orange peel is completely safe to eat. It is not as sweet as the inside of an orange and orange zest is delicious to add to cakes (like our oat cakes) and baked goods to bring out zesty flavor. Choose organic when consuming orange peel to avoid pesticides and chemicals.

Are candied orange peels healthy?

The peels of the oranges are incredibly healthy and hold more vitamin C and nutrients than any other part of the orange. You can keep them on for roasting or remove them afterwards to make festive cake decorations or as a garnish for cocktail drinks, while using the juicy inside and pulp fibers to top over yogurt.

What can I make with oranges?

Salad. Oranges are fantastic in salads like this Citrus Detox Salad.
Drink it. Make fresh Pineapple Orange Juice, add to Sangria, or turn it into infused detox water like this Orange Cucumber Water.
Syrup. Try a dash in maple syrup or this Maple Syrup Substitute over pancakes.
Marmalade and Jams.
Baked Goods.
Squeeze the juice and zest into cake and try this Gluten-Free Orange Juice Cake Recipe.
Dessert. Top your favorite dessert with Caramelized Oranges, add orange zest to chocolate icing, or make chocolate dipped orange slices.

Oranges are wonderful eaten fresh off the tree or fresh squeezed into orange juice, tossed in salads, salsas, or marmalades. But slightly roasted with a sprinkle of sugar turns oranges into a sophisticated dessert. Enjoy these juicy delights!

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