Strawberry Banana Superfood Smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothie recipe enriched with superfood antioxidant powder!

I am partnering with FoodScience of Vermont and this is a sponsored post in which all opinions and words are expressed and written by me. 

Smoothies make one of the best and healthiest treats at the start of the day and post workout. One of my favorites is a good naturally sweet strawberry banana smoothie recipe! About 7 years ago right before my husband and I got pregnant with our first born we were training with P90X home workouts.

Watch This Short Video Tutorial On How To Make This Strawberry Smoothie:

My husband was getting ready for Tough Mudder and I was getting ready for bathing suit season:-) If you have not heard of Tough Mudder it is an obstacle race about 10-12 miles long. It even includes running through fire and swimming through ice! Super intense, right?!

Every day after my husband got home from work we worked out together in our living room. But what motivated me to complete my hard workout at the end of the day was that we treated ourselves to a Shakeology smoothie that tasted like a milkshake! I thought about that strawberry smoothie shake the entire hour – probably the longest hour of my life…lol!

Tough Mudder ended and my husband rocked at the course! Bathing suit season ended and shortly after we surprisingly found out we were pregnant! I say surprisingly because if you have heard my story before you know I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and was told getting pregnant might not happen unless with a specialist. A change of diet to natural foods, nothing processed and gluten-free was part of the success to our natural pregnancy! TMI? Ok I am done with that subject:-)

After our hard-core training workouts ended all I wanted are those milkshake-like delicious smoothies! Let me just say this strawberry banana smoothie recipe is one for the books! It tastes just like it – with natural ingredients!

I am going to be totally raw right now. I apply to do sponsored posts and ONLY apply to ones and products that I adore and that I think will be beneficial to my readers- you! When Foodscience of Vermont and I partnered, I was more than thrilled because I truly love their powder drink mixes!

They offer three different flavors: Superior Greens, Superior Purples and Superior Reds which can be purchased at RiteAid. The greens are powerful for your gut and contain probiotics and superfoods. The purples are the age fighter and contain powerful antioxidants and nutrients for mental clarity. The reds are energy boosting with restorative properties to help you look your best everyday! These products are vegetarian and gluten-free and made with all natural plant based ingredients!

It gets better… this is powerful:

Superior Purples is a healthy aging drink mix that combines 19 whole fruits, vegetables and extracts. Each ½ scoop delivers 3 servings of fruits and vegetables that support healthy radiant skin, cognitive function, immune system response and more. With a delicious berry flavor enhanced by the natural sweetness of stevia and purple carrot, Superior Purples is a great addition to a smoothie recipe, your favorite juice or, dissolves easily in cold water.

Health benefits of superfoods

  • Superior Purples is formulated to support smooth, healthy, radiant skin- immune function- cognitive and memory function- immune system function and much more.
  • Superior Purples powder drink mix combines 19 nutrient rich whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Contains health promoting phytonutrients like: anthocyanins, ellagic acid, phenolics, quercetin and others for total mind and body support.

With two young growing kids at home we can all sure use a daily brain and immunity boosting drink!

The added antioxidant powder gives this strawberry banana smoothie recipe an extra dose of nutrients and delicious sweet flavor! Hubs and I also love to enjoy it mixed with water or juice first thing in the morning. My favorite is that this powder blends well and does not get clumps when I mix it with liquid! I hate those clumps and this powder is so easy to work with!

If you do not like a banana flavor then this is perfect. The combination and ratio of ingredients hides the banana flavor but still provides a creamy naturally sweet taste without dairy or added sugars.

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