Purple Cabbage Soup

Purple cabbage soup with carrots in a tomato base broth is vegan, nourishing and rich in powerful antioxidants! This soups vibrant purple color is fun for kids, Whole30 and Paleo diet approved!

I am always seeking out on a mission to find healing vegetable infused soups that my husband and kids would like. Mission accomplished!

And I hope you are not sick of soup recipes quite yet- because this is a good one with little calories and is in ready in as little as 30 minutes! It is one SOUP my kids TOTALLY LOVED and the hubby too!

The other night both C’s ate these entire bowls you are seeing packed with nutritional veggies and they drank all the broth! The Hubs and I went for seconds, with little calories per serving, seconds is a no brainer (not that I’m count calories).

I have been having such a hard time too getting my kiddos to each vegetables. I think its the winter months and we just want comfort food. The only way I found I can get them to eat veggies in the winter is in soup or my homemade muffins.

Two weekends ago I was on a huge hunt for basil to make this gluten free pizza . Oh my gosh was it hard to find basil! Since it is not in season- it was nowhere to be found. I went to Smart & Final, then to Albertsons next door. Nothing. Drove farther to Trader Joe’s where I finally got basil and then totally forgot to pick up yeast for the recipe! Uggh! One more store on my mad hunt for basil.

Last stop- a small convenient market that carries local produce and organic goodies. Well, when I walked in their produce shelves were almost empty! ALMOST completely gone I tell ya! When I asked what happened they said they sold the place but all the remaining produce is FREE!!!!

Well hello food blog creative juices – get flowing! I grabbed everything (I mean EVERYTHING) left on the shelves which included tons of leeks, about four purple cabbages, four green cabbages, seven onions, a GINORMOUS bag of organic carrots, yellow squash, apples and asian pears. We looked like we were actually doing the Whole30 diet or something…lol!

I came home and started cooking away making tons of soup to use up all the vegetables! The purple cabbage ended up in tacos, this ginger soup, and the leftovers turned into cabbage soup- mainly because I had so much!

This soup is a knock of of this cabbage soup diet recipe made in the slow cooker. Have you tried it yet? It’s been blowing up all over Pinterest and Facebook with rave reviews! I highly recommend making that one as well. Cabbage soup only takes a few simple natural ingredients and you can add whatever extra spices or spinach and greens you want. Oh, and the cabbage soup diet is actually a thing! People used to just eat this kind of soup for a week straight to lose weight!

I don’t think I could eat cabbage soup for a full week, but I definitely have enjoyed it for endless lunches and even indulge in a second helping! We just love to eat it for the health benefits.

5 Health Benefits of Red (Purple) Cabbage

  1. Cardiovascular protection and decreases type 2 Diabetes.
  2. Rich in Antioxidants thanks to high amounts of vitamin C, manganese and polyphenols (the primary factor in cabbage’s overall antioxidant capacity).
  3. Prevents cancer. Cabbage contains glucosinolates which provide anti-cancer health benefits. It can be converted into isothiocyanate compounds that aid to prevent different cancers, including bladder cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.
  4. Reduces inflammation.
  5. Helps support a healthy digestive tract.

Oh my gosh, I must be craving cabbage soup for a reason because I could eat it all the time! And isn’t the gorgeous purple color combined with bright orange carrots beautiful?

The colors really can make this soup fun for kids! I add onions to my green cabbage soup recipe and use onion powder in this one. You can use either but I go for onion powder so when the kids are picky they can’t say there are onions in it. The nice thing about green cabbage is diced onions blend right into looking like cabbage!

Feel free to cater our purple cabbage soup to your family members by adding additional spices. For example the Hubs and I like our soup super spicy with hot sauce in it. My kids like it plain with the cabbage chopped very fine. Nobody likes large strings of cabbage anyway, smaller chops work best for picky eaters.

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