Chocolate Chip Spinach Muffins

Chocolate Chip Spinach Muffins are a perfect Halloween “Goblin” breakfast for your little goblins! These muffins may be green but are exploding with chocolate flavor chunks!

Have you thought about Halloween yet? I am loving all the Halloween big brother and baby combo ideas I am getting from Pinterest, along with scrumptious fall recipes. I think these would be cute at a Halloween party pared with Mummy Ghost Pizzas.


So, guess what? I have been trying to make muffins with different vegetables for a while. Most of them turn out bloopers that ended up bitter and trashed. Ugh, I hate wasting ingredients! Being sleep deprived I guess has me feeling a bit more creative. After getting up the past few mornings at 4:30am to feed little c, we are both wide awake and I apparently find it therapeutic to bake at 5:00 in the morning! Crazy, I know. Our house has been fragrant with spinach muffins, granola bars and granola the past few mornings! Smells like fall is in the air with all the maple and cinnamon.

If spinach tastes good in a smoothie… how about adding it to muffins! I usually add zucchini to muffins for added nutrition, but these are 1,000 times better with no spinach taste. The chocolate chips make them an appealing treat for kids and the green makes them fun. I love how this recipe turned out and had to share it with you!

They are low fat compared to your average store bought muffins. And are big time toddler approved! Big C loves these and I am so thrilled to get more green vegetables in his diet (and my husband’s).
Just blend the wet ingredients in a blender, mix with the dry ingredients, bake and devour!

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