Halloween Snacks: Mandarin Pumpkins

Healthy Halloween snacks made with only 3 ingredients! Mini fruit mandarin pumpkins drizzled with chocolate and poked in the center with pretzel sticks for pumpkin stems.

Need a last minute healthy Halloween snack? I was not sure about adding more chocolate on this candy filled day, but salty pretzels go so well with chocolate and so do fruity mandarins! Only 3 ingredients and takes about 10 minutes to create this festive party food!

We were just planning on heading to a friends party and the day got away with me. Among errands, laundry, grocery shopping, dishes and caring for the littles there needed to be some quick thinking happening here.

But I didn’t want to bring any processed food to the party and there will be enough unhealthy sweets going around to enjoy. So how about enjoying these HEALTHY sweets?

These healthy Halloween snacks can be prepared a day in advance. Peel the fruit and set aside. Then melt and drizzle rich chocolate on top starting from the core and down the sides. Place the pretzel sticks in the mandarins right before you are ready to take to the party or serve.

These healthy pumpkin snacks are packed with natural energy boosting sugar and vitamin C. Oranges or other citrus fruits can be used like tangerines or oranges. Grab your favorite gluten-free pretzel sticks (although I did use Trader-Joe’s honey wheat sticks for this round), fresh fruit, chocolate morsels and you are ready to go!

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