Easy Chicken Breast Recipe with Delicata Squash Pan Sauce (Whole30, Keto, Paleo)

Easy chicken breast recipe with delicata squash and shallot sauce made in one-pan in 30 minutes! Learn how to make a crispy, juicy paleo chicken breast on the stove with these secrets. It is a Whole30, Keto and paleo approved dish the whole family will love!

Have you jumped on the Whole30 diet yet or at least tried it? It is basically clean eating at its finest, eating mostly plants and meats and avoiding grains and dairy.

Our top recipes for Whole30 and paleo that I recommend to everyone are Whole30 Brownies, Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls, and this Chicken Spinach Salad. I realized I really need a good one-pan chicken recipe to add to this Whole30 list.

My neighbor and a few friends have started the Whole30 diet in the beginning of February, so I made this dish one night for them and our family. We absolutely love it and the outcome is a quick-cooking chicken breast that is incredibly juicy!

You can make this simple chicken and use it all the time topped on salads, served in sandwiches, alone as a main dish or served with this delicata pan sauce.

What are the secrets to this easy chicken breast recipe

There are 5 professional tips or secrets (that work for me) to make cooking chicken on the stovetop come out perfect every time.

Tip 1: Decrease the chicken by cutting the breasts in half

Say good-bye to uneven cooking where the center is still raw! We just love healthy chicken recipes like this spinach and goat cheese stuffed chicken breast and crockpot chicken. Now lets add this easy pan seared chicken to the weekly menu, shall we!

Have you noticed when you but fresh chicken breasts from the store they are massive in size? I usually can not even eat a whole one. You can double your portions (and save loads of money too) by cutting the chicken breasts in half horizontally. Then pound the meat down with a meat tenderizer. It makes the meat more tender and juicier, plus this method takes minutes to cook!

Oh but I won’t leave you with just one secret! I have three more, are you ready for this?! I hope so because this will give you the best cooked chicken!

Tip 2: Keep it dry right before “breading”

Always pat your chicken breast with a paper towel to dry it off. Then dip each breast into almond meal to “bread” the chicken. Drying off the chicken first makes the outer layer crispier when it is cooked and allows the almond meal flour to stick to the poultry without clumping.

Tip 3: Do not crowd the skillet chicken

To achieve a nice browned crust on the chicken, do not overcrowd the skillet. I recommend cooking about two pieces at a time.

Tip 4: Cook high

Cooking the chicken on a high heat at a fast rate, sears in the juices and does not allow them time to escape. Just be careful not to burn the meat as that can contain harmful chemicals. If you need, add more oil to the pan before cooking the second two chicken cutlets.

Tip 5: Make a marvelous chicken sauce

The last secret to this easy chicken breast recipe is the sauce! You will cook the chicken first then the sauce. This chicken sauce consists of three components: a vegetable (or vegetables), a liquid and a boost of flavor! Everything is made in one pan, so once the chicken breast has finished cooking, you will be using the natural flavors in the pan to mix with the sauce.

I promise you friends this easy chicken recipe does not disappoint!

With any delicata squash that is leftover and not used in the sauce, roast it with a few carrots or parsnips to serve as a side dish for extra vegetables and fiber to keep you full longer. Just use the same method as these Sheet Pan Roasted Vegetables. You can also make an easy salad recipe and top it with this easy 5-minute Green Goddess Dressing, which is also Whole30 and paleo.

I am going to briefly sound sales-ey for a moment here but I want to offer you something great!… I try not to buy meat or eggs raised with hormones. Those hormones transfer directly to your body and can alter the reproductive system and even liver function (from my experience with PCOS and high iron). My favorite chicken is from Butcher Box because they raise chickens hormone-free, without antibiotics and their animals are raised humanely. Don’t worry about leaving the house either because they will ship right to your door and are constantly dishing out discounts! You can check out ButcherBox meats by clicking here.

Bon appetite, enjoy this easy chicken dinner recipe in as little as 30 minutes! I call that a winning night, how about you?

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