Crispy Phyllo Wrapped Hot Dog Mummies From Food Network Kitchen

A fun twist to pigs in a blanket, how fun are these mummies?!! Crispy Phyllo Wrapped Hot Dog Mummies Courtesy of Food Network Kitchen are so much fun to make for Halloween party food!

(Please know I posted this recipe before transitioning into a gluten-free blog. Phyllo dough is not gluten-free. Although it is gluten-free if you make it homemade or purchase it that way. Here is a great gluten-free phyllo dough recipe or you can purchase gluten-free phyllo here.)

I have been wanting to make a fun Halloween dish with hot dogs such as healthier pigs in a blanket using low fat crescent rolls squeezed around turkey hot dogs. And when I came across Pinterest ideas for Halloween food ideas and peeked at this recipe from Food Network Kitchen, it was a must make! I mean really, look at these cutie mummy faces! The original idea is to create eyes with ketchup or mustard but I wanted to use the googly Wilton candy eyes found at Michaels. These cuties are going to be served up on our pumpkin decorating Happy Hour party today (think gingerbread house decorating only on pumpkins instead of small houses!). You can make these crispy phyllo (or fillo) wrapped hot dog mummies ahead and just bake them right before a holiday party. One thing that did occur is since I chose to use turkey hot dogs for a healthy recipe version, they flared up super large in the oven, but did even out in size once they cooled.

Be creative with Halloween mummies with eyes looking left or right! The less perfect these mummies are, the more fun!

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