Creamy Chocolate Peppermint Shakeology Recipe

Creamy and satisfying chocolate Shakeology recipe – a true post workout or afternoon treat. Want more sweetness? Increase the flavor by using cashew milk instead of almond milk or a dash more peppermint.

When it comes to chocolate there is nothing better then the pure indulgence of its super-rich flavors. I think it is pretty awesome to throw that indulgence into a healthy smoothie, what about you? Then the guilt is well… non existent! But there shouldn’t really be guilt when eating in moderation and healthy. All you need for a peppermint flavored chocolate Shakeology recipe is a scoop of protein powder, frozen bananas, spinach, creamy non dairy milk and a dash of peppermint extract for added flavor. It takes like an ice cream milkshake!

My adorable mommy-friend Emily gave me a couple of Shakeology flavored packets to try for after my workouts. She is a Beachbody coach. If you have not heard about Beachbody (and no this is not a sponsored post) it is a proven fitness program based off home workouts, meal plans and a support system to live healthy. In fact I freaking love everything they offer as my husband and I did the program together in the past. I decided to add a few more added nutrients to my protein shake with banana, spinach and peppermint to create another enjoyable treat!

In 2010 my husband and I both did the P90X program. I would wait till my hubby came home and we would work out together every. single. day. for 90 days straight. We got fit for sure and the enjoyable reward was we could not wait to get our juicy yummy sweet orange shake after each workout. Every flavor of the shakes and smoothies would pump your body with a balanced formula of proteins and sugars to rebuild muscles after a workout. And they were so delicious it was my motivation to workout only so I could get that! This chocolate Shakeology recipe is just that.

And then we had kids.

So the workouts became less frequent. But there has to be an enjoyable reward after all that hard work, right? I love smoothies anytime of the day and especially after a good run or yoga session. Especially my post workout protein fruit smoothie. This chocolate yummy milkshake is blended together to create a perfect full balanced meal. It is packed with vitamins and minerals that help you loose weight, reduce cravings, feel energized and improve digestion and regularity.

If you have any questions regarding setting up a fitness program plan, please connect with Emily at My Just Right Life.

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