Best Salsa Recipe (No Chopping)

Seriously, the best salsa recipe! It is made with fresh tomatillo green colored tomatoes, red tomatoes, jalapeno pepper and lime juice then pulsed into a spicy Mexican cuisine salsa fresca. A quick and easy healthy appetizer or sauce ready in 5 minutes and no chopping required!

A mouthwatering way to use seasonal summer tomatoes is to turn them into a delicious appetizer or snack dipped with chips! I could eat salsa all week long, not only in the summer months?

One evening the boys wanted chips to snack on with dinner but were out of salsa. I happen to have all the ingredients, so the boys and I whipped up this BEST salsa recipe in as little as 5 minutes! This is so delicious, fresh and delectable that the whole batch will disappear in seconds.

I’m curious…

What is your typical go-to weeknight dinner? For us it is usually Mexican food such as vegetable enchilada casserole, taco salad, Mexican stuffed peppers, family-style nachos or bean and cheese burritos. If you ask my children around 4:30 pm to get ready for dinner their typical response is “What’s for dinner, bean and cheese burritos?”. They can eat that all day long.

If bean and cheese burritos are on the menu or any form of a Mexican dish, I better make sure I have the best salsa recipe on hand, or at least the ingredients. My 4-year-old, little c, is a fanatic of salsa. Spicy, hot, mild, sweet– he’ll take a few dabs of sauce on EVERY one of his meals. This kid seriously loves his salsa!

So much in fact, that he requests specifically for Tapatío, Cholula, Tabasco, salsa verde and “regular” salsa. Have I named them all yet, because he sure reminds me of all the names of salsa brands that exist!

How To Make The Best Salsa

Traditionally most salsa recipes use a combination of onions, chilies and herbs. For the best salsa recipe I use a shallot to combine the flavors of garlic and onion, a hint more garlic, tomatillos, tomatoes, lime, jalapeno (we like kick!), pink salt and cilantro.

I cringe at the thought of chopping vegetables so I made this simple.

  1. Add all the ingredients to a food processor.
  2. Pulse at a low speed for 1 second intervals about 5-10 times or until desired consistency is reached. The processor will chop up the vegetables for you! No mess no fuss!
  3. Scoop or pour out the salsa into a serving bowl. If not serving right away store in an airtight container in the fridge.
  4. Serve on top of burritos or serve with chips.
  5. TIP: If you do not like spicy just use half a jalapeno or eliminate all together.

The Secret In This Salsa Recipe

The secret to this favorite salsa recipe is using tomatillos combined with plump vine or Roma tomatoes. I like to use tomatillos that are picked later and are seedier. Tomatillos are a nightshade fruit and come from a different plant than tomatoes. They are slightly sweeter, fruitier and have an herbal flavor which makes them a great addition to salsa recipes. Although, if tamotillos are not available to you, you can also substitute them for equal amounts of red tomatoes.

Chopped Versus Pulsed Salsa Ingredients

Why chop when you can pulse and get the same effect! Chopping releases oils from the cilantro and jalapeno. I have tested this recipe both ways and love it pulsed in a food processor to save my hands from getting smelly and messy. The oils come out naturally when it is chopped this way and saves you a few less dishes. Winning, right?!

The hubby and I have been making this salsa recipe for years and it really is the best salsa every time! Enjoy it over all your favorite Mexican dishes, as a sauce for salads and an appetizer with chips!

Ways to use salsa

  • Vegetable Enchilada Casserole
  • Taco Salad
  • Mexican Stuffed Peppers
  • Family-style Nachos
  • Smothered Bean and Cheese Burritos by Chef In Training (just use gluten-free tortillas)
  • Homemade Tortilla Chips
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