Orange Juice Cake With Cream Cheese Icing

The best gluten-free Orange Juice Cake ever! Forget the Florida oranges or Sunkist oranges, if you can find any oranges just squeeze the juice right into the cake! This is the juiciest guilt-free cake to be eaten at all celebrations!

There is something so special about being a mom that no one can quite explain to the exact rationality of how it is. And nothing compares to the quality of love that ignites each time a parent thinks about or holds their child. Crazy as it is, there are even certain food and smells that spark this bond such as orange juice cake, salty pickles or even chipotle burritos… well, at least for me that is.

The memory of bringing home your first born child resides always  so close in the mind. I remember holding my first born and looking at my mom telling her, “Wow, I get this unconditional love you have for me and it is like no other. I truly finally get it!”

My mom just spent a little over a week with us from Virginia. She is the mom I strive to be like who is always present for everything. In 2011, she flew out two weeks prior to the delivery date of my first born in order to make sure if he made an early presence she would be here. We waited, and waited, and waited a few more weeks until we had to induce Chase at 42 weeks pregnant! Having her here made the birth of my first born such a special moment.

I was huge! Like really, really huge in my belly with tiny stick legs that could barely hold me up!

I will never forget being wheeled out of my emergency c-section delivery and seeing my moms purple color shoes (her favorite color) only to look upward and be greeted with her beaming glowing face! The thoughts that flourished through my soul were, ” All is well, mom is here,  (as I was totally drugged up and stitched back together).”

Again, there is something so special about being a mom that no one can quite explain or even remotely compare to. Moms are comfort, moms are peace and moms are incredibly strong.

My mom and both grandmothers in my life have always been fully present in my life and it has always been the encouragement and inspiration to tackle the things I enjoy.

I hope my boys say the same about me and that each of us can pass clippings of inspiration along to someone. Because life is important and it is important to be there for others. Thanks mom, for being that person.

My mothers’ love goes even further…

Orange juice glazed cake  has been passed down from my grandmother who would always make it for my dad. My mom took over and always made it too and it became a family favorite!

Sadly my grandmother is not doing well right now and is close to  heaven. She is a grandmother who inspired me to create this blog with her Italian nature and eating from the earth and NOT a factory. Who stood endless hours in the kitchen with my mom for all of our holiday meals making delicious memories. Memories that are part Italian and part my mothers’ German side. Memories that no matter where anyone was from, every family member enjoyed a great meal together.

My grandmother used to snip green beans for hours in the kitchen for holiday dinners, which I see myself now doing frequently. She made homemade pizza and pasta sauce and everything Italian from scratch, which I do too.

But a memorable vision is she used to make glazed orange cake any time we came over to her house for a visit. It was one of my dads favorite dessert treats. And my mom would always make it for my dad too. And I now carry to tradition to make it for my boys but have tweaked it to a guilt free dessert.

Here is my small disclosure on this recipe as I have listed the nutritional information below the recipe pin. The nutritional information on this guilt free orange juice cake is based off being “guilt-free” because the ingredients are natural and non processed. Although it has slightly less than 400 calories per slice, sugar and fat is lower than most traditional orange glazed cake recipes. The sugars are natural and none of the ingredients are processed. Baking with natural sugars and almond meal flour helps blood sugar levels not to spike as rapidly as if consuming white sugar and flour. Optional to skip the glaze all together.

End my “small talk disclosure” 🙂

Orange juice cake was a dessert I always wanted to make and my guilt-free version even tastes buttery even though it has no butter! It is topped with a light orange cream cheese icing melted and glazed on top after the cake has come out of the bundt pan.

The fluffiest glazed orange juice cake

Most pound cakes are drowned in butter, heavy and unhealthy. This “pound cake” is light and hearty made with gluten free flours, coconut oil, fresh orange juice and orange zest to bring the most abundance of flavors together! This recipe is adapted from Sally’s Baking Addiction Glazed Orange Bundt Cake only I tweaked to be butter-less, gluten free and added a cream cheese icing from the base of my coconut mound balls.

Baking this orange juice cake in a bunt pan is so easy and serves a larger crowd. We enjoyed it for Easter and I hope you enjoy it for all celebrations of the year!

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