Cleansing Matcha Smoothie Bowl

A powerhouse superfood, this matcha smoothie bowl is cleansing and energizing (plus detoxing!) for when you need a natural filling pick-me-up!

Matcha green tea is a super food that gained a lot of popularity about 4 years ago. If you have never heard of matcha, you are not alone so please do not feel bad. It originate from a southern island of Kyushu, Japan and is the highest quality stone-ground powdered green tea available. It is served in most coffee shops, has a small amount of caffeine and is usually blended with steamed milk. The rich bold green color comes from Camellia sinensis plants that after it is powdered, is then stored away from oxygen and light. (source)

Before I get into all the amazing health benefits of matcha green tea and this matcha smoothie bowl, which is just as awesome as this matcha berry smoothie, I have a funny story share.

I did not jump on buying matcha for years because it is slightly (actually very) expensive for the small amount that you get. You can purchase a 1 oz jar for less than $30 which is about 28 servings! When you see it that way, it is way cheaper than getting matcha latte for $5 at the local coffee shop. Anyways my first time buying  a can of this glorious powdered green tea it cost $30 (not sure how much was in there but it was tiny) and I lost it!

Actually I lost it in what I think is to the trash can. I was so happy to come home and try a homemade matcha recipe until I realized I forgot to take it out of the bag and I believe I threw away at the gas station with trash from my car!!!!!

I never bought another until now, I think in humiliation at myself that I did such a stupid thing.

Smoothie recipes are a great way to powerhouse your body with fruits and vegetables and essential vitamins in one meal. Just blend the ingredients together and scoop with a spoon or serve as a smoothie with a straw for a quick on-the-go meal.

Caffeine and acidic foods have been getting a bit out of hand for me. I have been trying to cut out caffeinated coffee such as the deliciously easy alternative nespresso pods of Gourmesso. Well guess what? This matcha smoothie bowl makes a great substitute since it has  alkaline chemical-free caffeine. It is like caffeine and breakfast in one! One less step because you do not have to start and clean the coffee maker:-)

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea & Matcha Smoothie Bowl:

  1. Green tea is alkaline (non acidic) and serves the body with less indigestion. Also yeast and candida are less likely to grow in an alkaline environment.
  2. Matcha green tea is rich in antioxidants and has over 5 times the amount of antioxidants that any other food.
  3. Contains catechins which are an antioxidant that have cancer fighting properties .
  4. Increases energy! Matcha green tea contains theophylline which sustains the body’s energy levels. It does not have any adverse side effects thanks to the slow release of natural energy.
  5. Detoxes the body thanks to Chlorophyll present in matcha tea!
  6. Matcha smoothie bowls contain coconut milk which is vegan, gluten free, dairy free and a natural source of medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs). It is also rich in vitamin D and vitamin B12.
  7. Matcha smoothie bowls contains vitamin c and fiber from kale (or spinach) and mangos.

Nutrients of vitamins C and the high amounts of antioxidants in this matcha smoothie bowl are a powerhouse energizer and cleanser when you need a natural pick-me-up!

Here is a great way to think about fruits versus vegetables. Fruits are cleansing and vegetables are healing. This matcha smoothie bowl has both cleansing and healing fruits and vegetables along with antioxidants that give you extra fighting nutrients. So good especially since there are so many colds and flu’s running around! We have been eating this as a smoothie or smoothie bowl topped with fresh or frozen fruit, granola, seeds and nuts.

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