Slow Cooker Pork Tacos In Green Goddess Dressing

Slow cooker pork tacos slowly cooked and then drizzled with a zesty green goddess dressing. An easy dinner and meal-prep with left over pork that can serve another meal!

These slow cooker pork tacos are so easy to make! To simplify dinnertime, toss a pork loin or pork shoulder in the crock pot early in the day and chop all the toppings ahead of time. Then you’ll be all set to enjoy an easy lunch or dinner that is ready-to-go by dinnertime! This Mexican food dish is a delicious recipe without excess fat.

Did you see the green goddess dressing I previously posted? It pairs deliciously to marinate and top the pork loin as it cooks!

What are your favorite tacos and toppings? We like to top our bean and cheese, pulled chicken, shredded pork or diced pork tacos with fresh cilantro, colorful crunchy watermelon radishes (by the way, what is a watermelon radish and what to do with it can be found here), fresh pico de gallo, tomatoes, salsa, lime juice, chopped Serrano chili’s and a fantastic zesty green goddess or avocado taco sauce!

This week the kids and I are in Vacation Land! Soooo, sooo, SOOO happy these days for a vacation! I know I just got back in December from our evacuation getaway to Colorado due to the Santa Barbara, CA fires and trying to find clean breathing air for the kids. The two C’s and I have now shipped out to San Diego for a couple of days get-a-way with my sister! Actually she is at a work conference and we are going to keep her hotel room nice and well loved along with the pool, hot tub and gym while she works and we play! Kinda play- I brought my computer to squeeze in a little fun work time too:-)

Why is staying at a hotel so much fun? Oh, wait, I know why – because I do not have to worry about any of the housework that needs to get done! I get to just enjoy being present with my family! Whoot, whoot! The kiddos are having so much fun playing good and bad guys in the hotel and soaking up lots of hot tub time.

Tonight we’ve got firepit s’more making on the list! Sorry hubs you couldn’t raid our adult girl time but I promise we will be back for Valentine’s Day and date night.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, do you know what your love language is? I am still trying to figure out the kids but the hubs has the gift of actions rather than verbalizing his love (it’s ok sweetie I still love ya). My mouth sure also loves his love language because when he cooked these slow cooker pork tacos last weekend we were all mind blown at these delicious flavors – and he even did the dishes and all!

These pork tacos are absolutely delicious! Especially with fresh cilantro on top and a touch of green goddess dressing that I made earlier that week.

Every now and again the hubs is awesome at letting me have a day off. Literally I lay in bed for an ENTIRE Saturday or Sunday and binge watch my favorite Netflix shows with nothing to do but enjoy a relaxing day. Everyone needs that. A day off – and I am so grateful for a husband that understands the hard work of a stay-at-home mom.

A couple of Saturday’s ago when he made these slow cooker pork tacos I caught up on all the latest Fixer Upper shows – totally obsessed, love and relate with Chip and Joanna’s style! So much that walking with a friend on Friday she said she can see that being my hubs and I doing our fixer uppers (he’s a contractor and I obsess with creativity and decorating)…. Future goals y’all, future goals:-)

Anyways, my hubs is kinda a master at tacos and burritos. He knows just the perfect ingredients. The perfect touch to these crock pot pork tacos is Serrano chili’s, colorful tomatoes, and crunchy watermelon radishes.

The BEST is to finish tacos off with your favorite green, red salsa or a tangy green goddess dressing and sprinkle of salt and pepper!

Tips for the perfect pork tacos in a slow cooker:

Slow cook in an instant-pot or crock pot – or grill a pork loin in a simple taco powder or liquid marinade. This brings out the juiciest flavors of the meat. If grilling a pork loin, try not to overcook it and grill it till the internal temperature reaches 145 Degrees Fahrenheit. Then let it set for a moment before slicing.

When using a slow cooker (which I find super easy), place a pork loin in the slow cooker with the Serrano chili’s and top with green goddess dressing and cover to cook for 4-6 hours on low. If the meat is large, cook it on high.

Chop all your favorite garnishes the day before or right before serving. Preheat corn tortillas at 200 Degrees Fahrenheit to soften them for a cook time of about 5-10 minutes.

When the pork loin is finished cooking slice it “against the grain”, turn it into pulled pork or chop it into cubes. Add it to the tacos and garnish with diced and cooked Serrano chili’s, diced tomatoes, watermelon radishes and extra green goddess dressing.


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