Easy 5-Minute Enchilada Sauce Recipe (Gluten Free)

The easiest enchilada sauce recipe! This simple 5-minute gluten free enchilada sauce recipe is effortless yet complete with explosive Mexican flavors!

You guys, this is the best enchilada sauce when you need a quick Mexican dish and do not have the condiment on-hand. It is oil-free (with an option to add it) and is perfect to enhance burritos, enchilada casseroles, tacos, nachos or if you have Celiac and need a gluten-free enchilada sauce recipe!

No slaving over the stove. It is made with 8 simple ingredients. All it takes is adding them in a blender to make and enjoy a completely fuss-free red sauce!

You know those times when what you have planned for dinner just doesn’t sound good anymore to make or it takes longer than time allows?

So you try to find something else to quickly make. But have all half (leftover ingredients lingering in the fridge) where there is not enough of food items to make burritos for everyone, but there is enough for to turn the ingredients into an epic enchilada casserole.

But do you have enchilada sauce on-hand? If not, you have to make this enchilada sauce recipe because it is so simple yet delicious in flavors!

Now you can quickly make that special sauce on a whim by always having a can of tomato sauce around and a few Mexican spices in the pantry.

Guess what else? Enchilada sauce is healthy and packed with vitamin C and metabolism boosting spices such as chipotle powder and chili powder.

Is enchilada sauce gluten free?

Did you know that most store-bought enchilada sauces contain gluten? Not this recipe!

Next time you browse through the grocery store, check it out. Usually flour is added to thicken the sauce.

This enchilada sauce recipe does not call for any flour at all. It thickens as it blends in the Vitamix or your favorite blender or food processor.

Here is what happened to me the other week. I looked in the refrigerator and had a bunch of corn tortillas and a mix and match of frozen peppers, corn, and cilantro that was on the verge of going bad. Then I looked in the pantry to discover all Italian food, like a can of pasta sauce.

With those ingredients what does one self-taught chef / CEO of my house / CEO take-charge of the food my family eats do to make a memorable meal? Make enchilada sauce with that can of tomato sauce! Worst comes to worst, that can of sauce can always be used for pizza or pasta.

Let us get started how to make this easy enchilada sauce!

How to make homemade enchilada sauce

Using a blender or food processor add a can of tomato sauce, chili powder, fresh garlic cloves, cumin, thyme, sugar, oregano and if you want a bit of spice you can add chipotle powder. My kids prefer without the chipotle, so you can add that later to half of the sauce after it is blended for spicy lovers.

This version is very thick and made oil-free, so it is optional to add a bit of broth, water or olive oil to it to thin it out. 

Enchilada sauce is a great addition to add to dishes that use up any corn tortillas, cilantro, beans, leftover chicken, peppers, etc. It enhances these dishes in a tantalizing way.

If you want to make this enchilada sauce Keto and Whole30 skip the sugar and make sure to get a tomato sauce without hydrogenated corn syrup and added ingredients. The sugar helps neutralize the acidity but is still rich without it. 

I hope you enjoy and if you make the recipe please tag me on social media at @delightfulmomfood #delightfulmomfood so I can see and share your creations!

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