Eggless Banana Bread (Gluten Free)

One-bowl vegan (eggless and gluten free) banana bread baked perfectly moist with gluten free flours, smashed banana and chia seeds. A healthy dairy-free banana nut bread loaf safe enough to eat raw!

You know those moments when you are in the kitchen mixing up chocolate chip cookies, brownies and muffin batters and boy don’t you just want to lick the spoon! Just a taste… please??!! Guess what, that is just what you can do with this recipe. In fact, go ahead and just scoop out a giant lump of batter and eat it now… it’s so creamy and delicious!

Bread loafs are just as good as making homemade muffins since they take no time to whip up! This eggless banana bread recipe took me a whopping 5 minutes while boys were getting their pajamas on. And this is the second loaf we made in 2 days because it is just SO delicious! Chase kept asking if he could lick the spoon and I said “yes, then do you know why?” His reply, “because there is no egg in it, mom!” If you do not have ripe bananas, check out this post on how to ripen bananas quickly.

The first loaf was specially made for my friends’ daughter (we love you Brooklyn!) who has a few food allergies calling for no eggs, gluten, oats, walnuts or beans. We skipped the sugary glazed bread this round. This special little girl happens to be one of Chase’s best friends and lives a couple of streets over from our house. Chase was more than thrilled to make a special treat just for Brooklyn! Ok, the challenge…. a delicious gluten free baked good that is packed with nutrient dense foods without using oats or eggs. And behold, our favorite eggless banana bread is solidifying in the oven!

As the warm aromas of banana started to fill the house we could not resist tasting our homemade bread right when it came out of the oven. Before we knew it half the loaf was devoured! Chase still insisted on taking his bread to Brooklyn instead of making another loaf, all beautifully wrapped in parchment paper and butcher paper and tied it together with kitchen twine.

So there’s the story of the birth of my vegan banana bread loaf! And off we are – my two boys and I holding each others hands as we walk to Brooklyn’s house to drop off her surprise bread.

Chia seeds are fantastic egg replacements along with flax seeds, bananas and pumpkin puree. Perfect for eggless banana bread as all the ingredients help to bind food together.

This entire recipe is made in one-bowl making it super easy! Instead of soaking chai seeds first in water to become a thick substance just dump them into the wet ingredients. The chia seeds perfectly thicken as it absorbs the moisture from coconut milk, water, maple syrup and bananas.

Once the wet ingredients are mixed, add the flours and pecans. Don’t forget to try a bite! Ok, now you can bake your eggless banana bread! And guess what it stays together with the utmost dreamy and cake-like taste! Feel free to add the glaze for a more cake-like flavor, or skip it and add it to your menu of lower sugar healthy breakfast foods.


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