Healthy Peppermint Chocolate Fudge Balls (Vegan)

Healthy chocolate fudge balls made raw and coated with crunchy peppermint candy cane pieces. A delicious combination of chocolate cocoa powder, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and gluten-free flour rolled into delicious chewy vegan balls for the holidays!

Healthy Dairy-Free Fudge Balls

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! The California fires have all of us up in the air with HOW and WHERE our family will be for Christmas. My mom was planning to visit us after staying with my sister in Colorado but too much smoke has her California trip cancelled. To bring light to the situation we escaped the ash too and flew to my sister and brother-in-laws in Colorado with my mom here! Ice skating, skiing, lots of chocolate and making new family memories together are keeping us busy!

We are on a one way ticket waiting for the air to clear. The hubby is still in Santa Barbara working hard (thank you and we miss you, honey)! and we are not quite sure if we leave before Christmas or just ship him out here for Christmas. Either way, a fire or natural disaster really brings your perspective of what is truly important in life – family, not things. What we thought would be Christmas at home with my mom coming into town turned into forcing us to gather together someplace else.

I made these healthy chocolate fudge balls weeks before we left to go to Colorado in preparation for Christmas and my mom coming to visit. So… since she is not coming to our house for Christmas I will just have to remake them here and hope you all make these chocolate fudge balls too!

These easy fudge balls are so easy, require no baking, are gluten free and all around a crowd winning dessert!

I made them and served a batch to friends one night for dinner and they were mind blown how awesome they are – especially since they are made with healthy ingredients and no dairy or sweetened condensed milk products!

The coating can be anything such as chopped nuts, sprinkles, coconut flakes, cocoa powder or plain but we had fun mashing up candy canes in a plastic zip-loc bag and rolling the healthy chocolate fudge balls in the candy right before serving. If you roll it before serving it might melt slightly in the cool refrigerator.

If you have five minutes and a chocolate craving for delicious gluten-free healthy treats then you have to make these healthy chocolate candy cane coated fudge balls!

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