Corn and Tomato Salad

Showcase summers natural flavors with this easy lemony corn and tomato salad. Use either corn with heavy ears in the husk or frozen corn and sweet bright red grape tomatoes for the best-quality salad!

Why corn and tomato salad works

+ A refreshing corn and tomato salad is a summer staple recipe. Two things that screams summer are garden-fresh tomatoes and sweet corn. Marry those two next to crunchy jicama chunks and your mouth will be screaming for more! Jicama, a large round root vegetable, adds delicious crunch in caprese salads and homemade salsa.

+ Easy ingredients that are packed with nutrients. This corn tomato salad is one of the simplest yet mouthwatering summer salad recipes that takes as little as ten minutes to create and even faster if you have pre-sliced jicama on-hand.

You will love this recipe because it is crunchy, lemony, has naturally sweet notes, and is a plant-based powerhouse rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, lutein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, and protein!

What ingredients are in this salad

  • Salad: Corn and grape tomatoes are the main ingredients. Both have crunch, sweetness and are juicy all in one bite. The extras are diced jicama, green onion, fresh green arugula leaves, and basil leaves.
  • Lemony Vinaigrette Dressing: This lemon flavored vinaigrette is light and refreshing and compliments summer produce. It is a combination of fresh lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder, onion powder, dried oregano, pink Himalayan salt, and pepper.

Corn: Fresh, Canned, Frozen

Any corn can be used in this corn tomato salad. If you have any corn left over from corn-on-the-cob, you can use that. Grilled corn also works by shaving the sides of the corn off with a sharp knife and separating the kernels. You can also use frozen corn that is thawed. When using canned corn, drain and rinse it first.

How to make this corn and tomato salad

Make the dressing: In a small bowl combine all the dressing ingredients and mix well. Set aside until ready to use.

Assemble and serve the salad: In a medium sized bowl, add the corn, halved tomatoes, jicama, scallions, freshly chopped basil, and arugula leaves. Pour in the dressing and toss to mix until coated. Serve right away onto two plates.

Ways to serve this salad

Not only is this salad fabulous enjoyed as a main dish, you can also use it in many more ways:

  • Skip the arugula leaves or chop them very small and served this corn salad as a salsa or over tacos
  • Leave out the arugula leaves and enjoy this corn and tomato salad as a dip with tortilla chips (try these healthy low-fat baked chips!)
  • Toss and mix it into a salad with extra fresh greens, shaved carrots, and grilled chicken
  • Add it to a fajita burrito bowl by swapping out the basil for cilantro
  • Enjoy it as a salsa over fish (we love it served on this baked cod recipe after the fish is cooked)
  • Top tomato and corn salad with grilled chicken

Summer nights call for carefree meals. I want to make your life simpler and dinners effortless. This salad is seriously a breeze and I hope you enjoy it!

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