Tofu Tacos

Tofu tacos are a remarkable vegan alternative to taco meat! This tofu taco filling uses extra firm tofu and Mexican taco seasoning in the recipe for delicious tofu taco meat!

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Greatness is what happens with these vegetarian and vegan tofu tacos! A healthy taco recipe packed with iron and plant-based tofu protein then topped with greens and dairy or dairy-free cheese! Tofu has a delicious consistency similar to ground meat when mixed with the right spices!

This tofu taco recipe comes from a special e-book “The Tales of Tofu” brought to you by House Foods, who partnered with Melissa Rauch (stars as Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory). Together they created this adorable free children’s e-book to help families eat healthier and introduce children to foods made with better-for-you ingredients.

You guys, this book is seriously so cute, fun and a great way to get kids active and thrive in the kitchen!

It is the cutest children’s e-book filled with mouthwatering recipes like Tofu Pudding, Broccoli Mac and “Cheese”, Tofu Tacos and a Strawberry Papaya Smoothie recipe – all made with a base “cream” of tofu! The book is about food, but really has an encouraging moral to the story that children can be anything they want to be, just like the superfood Tofu is able to be anything it wants to be!

My seven year old knew his book was on its way in the mail and could not wait to read it to us and start cooking in the kitchen! Mind you, this is the kid who could care less about helping in the kitchen…. usually. Unless, it is something fun and presented in a way that he can be in control (because really, who doesn’t want control) of what we are making. This book is wonderful for his culinary esteem, especially now that he can read to us how to make dinner and tofu tacos!

Tofu is such a versatile food to use (made from soybeans) and my kids love seeing it transform into our tofu tacos!

Have you tried a tofu taco filling yet? It is is delicious! You want to make sure to use extra firm tofu and you can either dice it into cubes or crumble it for this recipe. We preferred crumbled tofu for our homemade tacos (side note-extra firm tofu is also good to crumble in place of scrambled eggs for a vegan breakfast burritos!).

Tofu tacos with taco seasoning

The seasonings are super simple in this tofu taco recipe. Just a packet of low sodium taco seasoning added to the tofu as it heats – we use MILD for the kiddos. That is it, easy-peasy! If you are using diced tofu, coat the tofu before cooking. If you crumble the tofu, add the tofu into the mix as you cook it on the stove with the oil.

How To Make Tacos

Tacos can be layered in various ways such as the warm ingredients first then the cold ones. For any kind of taco, first warm a tortilla (warm it so it doesn’t break) then layer it with cheese, meat or tofu, roasted , heated or grilled vegetables, then cold toppings such as more cheese, lettuce, avocado, cilantro and any salsa. For tofu tacos you will want to layer the warm tortillas followed by seasoned tofu, beans and corn and then top with your favorite toppings such as shredded lettuce, cilantro, avocado, lime and cheese. Feel free to add red salsa or green salsa verde too!

How To Cook Tofu

There are two ways to cook extra firm tofu on the stove top that work well in vegan and vegetarian recipes.

  • First coat tofu with seasoning. Then add 1 tablespoon of oil to a pan and heat on medium-high heat and cook the tofu until browned. Set aside and add to all your favorite dishes such as tofu tacos, salads, and stir-fry’s.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of oil to a pan. Then crumble the tofu into the pan and sprinkle with seasoning. Cook until browned and add to stir-fry recipes, tofu egg burritos, or crumbled into enchiladas or lasagna and pasta dishes.

Tofu has so many uses, and it depends on their firmness.

Types of Tofu

  • Soft Tofu: Great for smoothies!
  • Medium Tofu: Works well pureed to replicate a cheese consistency.
  • Firm Tofu: Delicious as a base for vegan pudding and cheesecakes!
  • Extra Firm Tofu: Excellent in place of ground meat for tofu tacos, pasta dishes or as a scrambled egg substitute.

Tofu tacos and all the recipes from The Tales of Tofu have been well loved in our home and I hope they will be in y’alls as well! Download your FREE The Tales of Tofu e-book here. I hope you try all the recipes! They are healthy, fun for kids and great way to bring plant-based protein into the kitchen. Also, if you are short on time- all the recipes are quick to create!

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