Healthy Homemade Juicing Recipes

Supercharge your body to thrive with these fantastic healthy juicing recipes! A juice cleanse supports weight loss, detoxification, and promote healthy digestion, in addition to hydrating and cleansing the body from within to promote more energy and healing!

Healthy juicing juice cleanse recipes

We share 6 of our BEST healthy juicing recipes that can be made either in a blender or a juicer, since we know not everyone owns a juicer. We show 4 colors in the images, so choose your favorite fresh pressed green drink, or enjoy both! Click the links to each of these detox juicing recipes, or simply print the recipes together at the end of this article. Homemade juices saves loads of money when juicing at home!

1. Green Machine Juice

Vegetable juices filled with fruits and veggies are a quick way to get your nutrients and anti inflammatory properties. This beautiful green juice recipe is a great way to get a daily dose of greens in an instant! Green juice is beneficial to cleanse the body for weight loss, promote vibrant skin, increases hydration, energy, reduce hypertension and flush away toxins!

Use your favorite sweet apple or try green apple for a dash of tart flavor. For use in a blender I like to add coconut water for improving the blending and also for potassium and extra hydration. You can also use apple juice instead and even try blending in aloe vera.

2. Celery Juice for Weight Loss

This is a bonus green juice because drinking celery juice first thing before other foods is one of the most energizing beverages you can drink and it promotes weight loss big-time. Celery stimulates digestion and speeds up the metabolism. Each stalk also contains less calories in it than it takes the body to break down to fibers. Since juicing removes the fibers in fruits and vegetables, the body instantly works to absorb the nutrients.

The nutrients in celery work to prevent cardiovascular diseases by reducing glucose, blood lipids, and blood pressure. Celery also helps with jaundice, liver disease, urinary tract obstruction, rheumatic disorders, gout, bronchitis, asthma, chronic skin disorders, vomiting, fever, tumors, anti-inflammatory properties, antifungal, antibacterial, and collects free radicals that live in the body. [source]

3. Cinnamon Ginger Carrot Juice

Carrots, ginger, oranges – oh my! Let’s just call this the vision and anti-inflammatory juice. Because it is a lovely carrot juice recipe that supports vision and provides anti-inflammatory properties.

Carrot root are made up of rich nutrients that contain phytochemicals which have powerful health benefits including carotenoids, vitamins, and fiber and is also rich in minerals, and antioxidants. All of these improve and reduce inflammation, digestion disorders, and contain higher nutrition [source].

The addition of cinnamon and ginger reduce inflammation and support arthritis which is just a bonus of this vision improving drink!

4. Detox Beet Juice

A vibrant magenta colored drink that works to support healthy blood flow and cleanse the blood. There is no magic tool for detoxing as the body naturally is able to detox through the liver. It happens at night as we sleep, which is the time the body repairs cells and organs. But sometimes we need a little detoxification boost to the blood and organs and drinking beet juice supports that.

This healthy and easy homemade beet juice recipe comes together quickly with ingredients that detox for a body cleanse, blood cleanse, to help with weight loss, improve skin, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, protects liver damage, provides anti-cancer properties and increase energy [source]!

5. Pineapple Orange Juice

The combination of orange and pineapple fresh pressed juice is beyond delicious! This morning juicing recipe is a refreshing way to boost the immune system and start the day!

Oranges and pineapple are loaded with water, fiber, and vitamin C, which helps to flush away toxins from the body and boost the immune system. Juicing the fruit is a great way to get all those nutrients! You can even add a splash of carrot juice to this recipe to make a carrot orange juice!

6. Grapefruit Juice Recipe for Weight Loss and Burn Fat

This refreshing weight loss drink tastes absolutely delicious! Grapefruit juice can get a bad rap for tasting bitter, but this beverage is the best one around! It is made with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit, lime, apple cider vinegar, orange juice, and maple syrup to instantly jumpstart digestion, support losing weight, and burn fat!

Health benefits of a detox juice cleanse

To regain REAL health, we must eat and properly digest real whole foods. The digestive system allows us to eat, break down, and absorb our food. What we eat turns into energy that supports healing and functioning of the body. Juicing removes the fibers from whole foods and produce, so that the body does not have to digest and break them down, but instead, focuses on quick absorption of the nutrients. The results that are experienced from a juice cleanse are:

vibrant skin
sleeping better
recharged liver function
reduced inflammation
stronger immune system
asthma relief
cardiovascular disease prevention
better digestion
weight loss
more energy!

Juicing Recipes: Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose weight juicing?

Yes you bet your waistline you can! Juicing to lose weight is very common, as it stimulates digestion to rev-up the metabolism and they are wonderful detox drinks to consume. Juicing recipes, and pure juice drinks in general are usually low fat, and the body easily absorbs nutrients quicker than having to digest fibers. These natural weight loss drinks should be consumed in intermediate fasting or in a 3-5 day juice cleanse max for the best results. That is enough time for your body to start healing and see weight loss results. You can also do a 1 day body cleanse to start a reset on the body and see how you do.

What are the best fruits and vegetables to use for juicing?

Do eat fresh:
dark leafy greens (such as kale, spinach, chard, cilantro, parsley, basil, mint)
lettuce like romaine leaves
citrus including lemon, lime, grapefruit, oranges
ginger root
turmeric root

Which blenders should I use?

Personally I love a high powered Vitamix. The quality is epic and phenomenally worth the investment. The comparison is very noticeably different from when using a standard blender to a Vitamix blender. And there are different price options to choose from. Next, if using a blender you will need to strain the fibers from the fruits and vegetables so I suggest using this mesh or nut bag.

Which juicers should I use?

Juicing should be done in a cold-pressed (masticating) juicer for maximum benefits and efficiency. The Hurom Juicer is great equipment or the Breville Juicer is a good option.

Tips for juicing

Process the bulk fruits and vegetables that are hearty like apples, pears, fresh ginger, and carrots, to name a few, first. Then add in the leafy greens and herbs such as lettuce and parsley. To finish, end with watery fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and watermelon which “flush out” the juicer.

More cleansing homemade juice drinks to make

If you make any of these homemade juicing recipes from Delightful Mom Food I would love to see your creations and share it! Follow along with me on INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and TWITTER to be featured and for more recipe inspiration! And don’t forget to rate the recipe in the recipe area and leave a comment below!

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