Star Wars BB-8 Droid Cantaloupe Cake

BB-8 Droid Star Wars cake made out of a cantaloupe and dressed in buttercream icing and almond paste. A droid that is deceptively really a beautiful fruit yet surprisingly a big hit at birthday parties! The kids won’t even miss the cake! 

Wow, how on earth would one ever create a cake that looks like the almighty popular movie Star Wars BB-8 droid character? Totally exactly what I thought when my 5-year old asked for a BB-8 cake. Me of course (trying to be an ultra healthy mama) asked about making BB-8 out of watermelon, like a watermelon cake. Chase said his favorite is cantaloupe  and wants his Star Wars cake made out of a cantaloupe… no questions asked. In this case it turned into two cantaloupes.

Weeks before Chase’s 5th Star Wars Birthday Party I kept asking if he really still wanted a star wars cake made out of a cantaloupe. Like there really is no fluffy carbohydrates involved… just fruit when you slice into the “cake”! He was totally stoked and kept repeating that he wanted his cake made like this.

For Chases 5th birthday party we had a super fun low-key Star Wars themed birthday party with Yoda Cookies, Light Saber Snacks, Chewbacca Grub and Jetti Water.

It was low key but for a child it was a STAR WARS extravaganza that was mind blowing!!!! The invitation suggested celebrating with Padawans, Jedi Knights, X-Wings, Light-sabers, The Force, Light Speed, and a special appearance BB-8 Droid cake ready to be devoured!

Come dressed as a STAR WARS character if desired.

…Nobody came dressed, not even my child. But we did have fun masks!

The Force was still with us all even up until the Star Wars cake!

Star Wars is just one of those movies that if you are born in the 80’s like me just grew up loving! So now that my husband and I have children we have so excited for the day to introduce the boys to it. I hopped on Amazon and got all the party favors including Star Wars balloons and mini Lego Light-sabers. Hubby and I blew up balloon and they were all over the hallway and in Chase’s room so when he woke up on his birthday it was the start to a mega Star Wars Surprise Day (in his mind- Best. Day. Ever!!!)!

Ok, here’s the details if your boys are like mine and want everything surrounding them Star Wars….

Or if you are mega healthy control freak like me and open to trying something new like a cantaloupe cake…

How to make a STAR WARS CAKE or Cantaloupe BB-8 Cake:

  1. First, start with two cantaloupes and wash and dry them off. Then with the first one cut off both ends slightly. This allows the cantaloupe to sit upright. Using a spoon create an opening on one side to scoop out the seeds (this side stays face down on the plate).
  2. Next, lay a piece of aluminum foil down and add a paper towel in the center to catch any fluids that fall. This prevents the fluids from seeping into the icing. Fold up the sides of the foil. You will need to make two of these.
  3. Add the one half of the seeded cantaloupe upright with flat side down on paper towel and aluminum foil base. On the top make another aluminum foil and paper towel base and place on the upright flat side of the cantaloupe.
  4. Slice the other cantaloupe in half. Place face down on the second paper towel aluminum foil base. Using a skewer add two skewers vertically from top to bottom to hold the cantaloupes into place and from sliding off one another.
  5. Make the icing and ice the entire “cake”. Place in the refrigerator to harden for about 1 hour. In the meantime make the circles out of Almond Paste and decorate the BB-8 Droid by adding lines and coloring the “eyes” black with edible food coloring markers.

To our surprise all the kids at the party loved it! I think because they got to eat tons of sugar off the icing. And for the birthday boy, his favorite is cantaloupe these days so he was totally stoked to have a fruit cake instead of breads and carbohydrates.

Boy’s birthday parties are so much fun. Curren’s was a dog theme, and in the past we have had a Teen Beach Birthday Party and Dinosaur Birthday Party as well.

Hope you enjoy this fun new way to use a cantaloupe and make an outrageous cantaloupe fruit cake or Star Wars cake!

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