Crostini Tuna Melt Appetizers

These gluten-free crostini tuna melt appetizers make the perfect finger food appetizer for any holiday party! Made with 3 main ingredients so when you need a quick appetizer dish to win the crowd over – this one is it!

Disclosure: I received products from Tonnino Tuna, by Cedar Bay Grilling Company. All opinions and words are my own and I only recommend products and ingredients I highly recommend.

These tuna crostini’s are a delicious delicate appetizer that takes minutes to make. Perfect when you need quick and effortless appetizer! Plus they are loaded with health benefits!

One way to increase muscle mass and boost brain power is by eating seafood. Some seafood is almost entirely carbohydrate free making it perfect to consume for most diets. And paired with small amounts of mini bread slices and sharp Parmesan cheese keeps the carb content down.

I love seafood and could consume it almost everyday without a complaint. In high school I used to eat tuna fish straight out of the can for lunch after working out. Tuna is affordable, rebuilds muscles, and is rich in high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which help lower bad cholesterol.

Tuna has always been a love of my life!

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Recently I have been introduced to try Tonnino Tuna (which is wild caught and hand picked) and at first bite I knew this product is far too delicate to be masked in mayonnaise for a recipe. This tuna needs to stand out and be created into a position alone as the main ingredient, not to have its infused flavors camouflaged by too many other elements.

Tuna melts have always been a family favorite of ours (with the addition of juicy tomatoes on top!). So I turned these jars of mouthwatering tuna into healthy tuna melts that have no mayonnaise involved. The flavor is all in the olive oil and seasonings the tuna has been perfectly bathed in. Instead of tomatoes, these crostini’s are garnished with fresh dill and paprika.

How to make crostini tuna melts

First prepare the baguette by slicing it into small ½ inch slices. Then crisp each slice of bread in the oven according to the below recipe directions. After that top each bread with Parmesan cheese, tuna and more cheese. Cook until it is melted and gently brown for sizzling flavor!

The flavors of these tuna delights come in Olive Oil, Garlic in Olive Oil and Lemon & Peppers in Olive Oil. I used the Garlic and Lemon & Peppers for this recipe and it is fabulous! Then complete the recipe by adding a dash of paprika on top and fresh dill and a squeeze of lemon and Wholaaa! Magnificent tuna melt crostini appetizers seafood lovers will love!

These babies are seriously addicting, quick to assemble and zesty in flavor!

Being afraid they would get soggy from the olive oil, I found out they do not by adding Parmesan cheese as a base layer under the tuna. Topping more cheese on top just compliments the entire dish beyond expectations!

Best gluten free baguette to use

I love to use Schar Gluten Free Baguettes as they are fabulous in flavor, slightly naturally sweet, do not crumble and are a great source of additional fiber. They are kinda pricey at the store for about $6.99 but they come in a 2-pack, which makes that more affordable.

Tonnion tuna fillets are wonderful to have on-hand for a quick snack or appetizer into these crostini tuna melts. They can be found at your local Whole Foods or ordered from Amazon. To learn more you can visit them on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

If you make this recipe I would love to see and share your creation with others! Tag me @delightfulmomfood on Instagram with a hashtag #delightfulmomfood!

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