Cannellini Bean Hummus Dip

Blender ready tahini cannellini bean hummus with cumin spices. Spread on sandwiches, use as a dip or top on roasted vegetables and salads as a dressing.

Cannellini Bean Hummus

After a long flight to Virginia last week it was welcoming to arrive at my moms house to a beautiful array of snacks and a warm meal. She served us fruits and vegetables with various dips of spinach artichoke, cheddar chive butter and Cannellini hummus.

I am a sucker for delicious fresh vegetables and when on the go my lunch is usually snacking on vegetables and dip. Tahini Hummus is packed with protein so this is a great substitute for meat if looking for a vegetarian protein food. I never realized how simple homemade tahini humus is to make until now. It really is just putting the ingredients in a food processor and you have a beautiful appetizer to serve quickly to guests, or a spread for sandwiches and crackers!

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