Chimichurri Sauce Cauliflower Rice Buddha Bowl

Easy Chimichurri sauce recipe made with vinegar, parsley, cilantro, and a dash of Cuban oregano. A delicious green sauce that can be canned and saved as a marinade for meat and vegetables. Toss with fresh cauliflower rice and bell peppers for a delicious vegan Buddha bowl! 

Thank you Ball® Fresh Preservers for sponsoring this post! Please join me in paying it forward in life! It is the best form of gratitude and unbelievable how the earth gives back what you give (stated by my 89 year old grandmother!:-).) July 22nd 2016 is Can-It-Forward Day (see full details at the end for giving back). It is a day to share (or pay it forward) the joy of canning, preserving foods, and sharing canning ideas! Canning is a great way to make the most out of seasonal produce so you can have organic fresh produce all year round!

There are always giant bowls of vegetables at our dinner table but I’ve never used the term Buddha bowl for them. A Buddha bowl is simply a bowl which is stacked so large it resembles a large Buddha “belly” at the top. So it turns out chimichurri sauce can be the marinade for the Best Buddha Bowl recipe! Add it to cauliflower rice or any grilled or roasted vegetables for an easy healthy dinner.

Funny story… my little Curren has the cutest (and largest baby belly). We go around squeezing it saying “Buddha Belly Baby!” But then it backfired. My boys now come to me and squeeze my belly saying Buddha Belly! Boys, lets keep this focused on food. Not really someone’s belly. Thank you.

Chimichurri is a sauce usually made for steak. But we do not eat steak. Or at least I do not. So I decided to try this delicious chimichurri sauce over vegetables. And really, it is just fantastic! This recipe is from Ball Canning and Preservatives cookbook which is filled with the most fantastic recipes! I want to try them all! I think next I’ll be making canned tomatoes to preserve the luscious seasonal heirlooms that I can not get enough of!

Recently the boys and I went to our organic local farm to gather weekly produce. Lucky me they had heirloom canned tomatoes! I mixed the wide mouth jar with tomato paste, garlic, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper and simmered it on low for about 30 minutes. The most delicious homemade tomato sauce was born!

It is just that simple. Canning will give you year round delicious recipes that are homemade and ready! This chimichurri sauce can be canned with fresh herbs from the garden. Can it and save for the months ahead!

How to can fruits, vegetables and Chimichurri Sauce?

First mix ingredients together. For traditional chimichurri sauce, combine in a food processor the lime juice, vinegar and garlic to smooth out any garlic chunks. Then pulse together fresh herbs of parsley and cilantro. Add lemon zest, salt and pepper and you have a delicious dip for meats and vegetables.

This recipe is from All New Ball Book Of Canning And Preserving. Since opening this fantastic cookbook filled with so many recipes I am truly inspired to try almost every one! I came upon the popular chimichurri sauce recipe that I have been meaning to try which is how this raw vegetarian Buddha bowl came about. My girlfriend gave me some Cuban oregano from her garden so I tweaked the original recipe and added that for a little extra flavor.

Now about the cauliflower rice. I am totally obsessed with this low calorie cabbage vegetable. Trader Joe’s has both raw and frozen for easy recipes. If you do not have that convenience, just make cauliflower rice at home by placing in a food processor and process until it is a very fine grain. It can be made into cauliflower pizza crust, tacos & burritos and more!

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Please join me in paying it forward in life! It’s the best form of gratitude and unbelievable how the universe gives back what you give. xoxoxo

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