Low Fat Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip

Low fat buffalo ranch chicken dip made with 6 simple ingredients! Use a can of white chicken meat and a ranch seasoning packet for convenience. Its an easy and healthier party appetizer that will keep guests asking for the recipe!

Low fat buffalo ranch chicken dip recipe

This awesome dip reminds of football parties. Last year we hosted the Super Bowl and one of our friends brought crock pot Buffalo chicken dip. It was amazing and the whole thing was gone long before the end of the game! Traditionally buffalo chicken dip recipes are made with so much saturated fats that I try not eat it. It is comfort food at its best for sure, and totally hard to resist!

I brainstormed with my sister our favorite football recipes and new ideas for this blog. She brought up buffalo chicken dip as being a favorite recipes among her friends. My sister is awesome at coming up with fantastic recipes. Have you tried our baked gluten free crab cakes with Greek yogurt aioli? Wow they are fantastic! I wish she lived in Santa Barbara all so we could run this blog together. After all, it takes a village to manage life and way sweeter doing life together:-)

We came up with lots of game day foods to make such as Pinwheels (cream cheese stuffed tortillas), cold veggie pizza slices made with croissants, macaroni and cheese bites, spinach artichoke dip and Italian baked mozzarella sticks. This was the first one I tried using light cream cheese and no extra fats to make this dip healthier. I tested it out at our Thursday guys night and served it with cabbage soup to add a heartiness to the meal. Needless to say this easy dip recipe won over all the boys! Serve it with sliced carrots, cucumbers, tortillas, gluten free pita bread, crackers, Sun Chips or at your next sports party!

Speaking of sports, there is a BIG elephant in the room (literally because my husband is sitting right next to me). I try to be a sports fan but really have no idea what is going on in a football game half the time. My husband knows this and calls me out on it (that is what best friends are for, right?), but I love football party food and love the energy of everyone getting together rooting for their favorite team!

Actually any excuse for a party gets me all happy and giddy. I love February, not for Valentine’s Day, but for the Superbowl! Man, hope my hubby is reading this because I am pretty sure I just won brownie points and he would be swooning all over the place:-)

Make buffalo chicken dip healthier

To make buffalo ranch chicken dip healthier mix light cream cheese with ranch seasonings, homemade buffalo sauce and chives. A protein packed appetizer ready in as little as 5 minutes!

Let’s talk about Superbowl food party platters. What are your favorites? Do you love soft pretzels dipped in melted cheese, jalapeno poppers, Frito Banditos, or a football themed veggie platter with guacamole dip?

When I was growing up in the 80’s I have always had fond memories of sports. My dad, grandfathers and uncles sitting on our green couch in the family room with brown shaggy carpet, yellow floral walls and a football or baseball game playing on the television. My mom, grandmother and aunts were always cooking in the kitchen. Guess where I got that one from?! To this day it is joy to bring those memories to my boys.

Bring on Sunday football and this delicious low fat buffalo ranch chicken dip!

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