Carob Chip Cookies

Carob chip cookies baked into chewy perfection with natural sugars and gluten-free flours! 

I have never baked with Carob chips until now. Have you? Carob is flowering shrub, belonging to the pea family that tastes quite delicious as a chocolate substitute and in baked goods. I was always afraid of this shrub as I used to think the morsels had a strange taste – not like the creamy satisfying essence of rich chocolate. My thoughts changed after experiencing these amazingly easy carob chips cookies.

Passing through the aisle of Whole Foods carob chips seemed to shout out at me to venture and make one of the best carob recipes… and bake some gluten-free cookies!

So I did. Using the recipe on the back of SunSpire Unsweetened Carob Chips and tweaking it a bit with natural sugars and gluten-free flours. For this carob chip cookies recipe you can also use Landau Carob Chips, which bake well too.

Health Benefits of these Carob Chip Cookies

Adding golden flaxseed meal gives these cookies extra fiber and nutritional value. Flaxseed meal boosts the immunity and is good for the cardiovascular system and preventing cancer thanks to high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Some of the benefits of using carob chips in baking instead of milk chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate chips is there is less sugar in them and it is lower in saturated fat! I think everyone’s heart should give an AMEN to that!

These carob chip cookies turn out really good, with a distinct flavor hard to explain (mainly thanks to the flavor of the morsels combined with a hint of honey and vanilla). It quenches a chocolate and sugar fix craving… in a healthier way and it only takes about 5 minutes to mix the ingredients together! My toddler and our whole family adores these gluten-free cookies, so that makes it blog worthy to share with you lovely friends!

I hope you enjoy these carob chop cookies as much as we do!

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