Simple Nachos Recipe (Family-Style)

A 30 minute simple nachos recipe that is the perfect dinner for the whole family! It’s baked on a sheet pan and custom created for each member of the family! Forget about the kids not wanting veggies on top and the husband wants his enchilada sauce and you want extra cheese. Now you can cater to all members of the family in one of the easiest sheet pan dinner recipes!

Kinda obsessing over how easy sheet pan dinners are over here! Goes hand-in-had with salad bars, potato bars and diy nachos which are all great to make when serving a large crowd of picky eaters. Especially when they can be catered to individual food allergies and taste buds.

Last spring our whole family wanted to head out to lunch after church to a restaurant by the beach because they have the absolute best nachos! What makes them the best nachos is the massive amounts of cheese, beans and grilled chicken dripping from all sides of every perfectly covered tortilla chip and then freshly chopped greens, tomatoes, cilantro herb garnishes, avocado chunks, guacamole and sour cream on top.

We thought the boys would love them until our preschooler started complaining it is too spicy and he did not want the veggies on top. The toddler on the other hand, loved them and was asking for more hot sauce for every bite! Needless to say too much complaining was going on to order restaurant nachos for a while.

But I love nachos and they are so easy to throw together when we need a last minute dinner. So homemade nachos it is and…

Sheet pan nachos catered to each person (Family-Style) are another story!

Nachos are a snack food dish from northern Mexico but we love to eat them as a main dish using my homemade baked  tortilla chips recipe to keep them lighter with all that cheese. Make a big batch of those chips and serve them for a few nights in a row or serve as a snack! Then make extra, extra chips and you can pretty much eat these nachos guilt-free a couple weeknights in a row.

I prefer my nachos with no beans and just vegan cheese or chicken with loads of vegetables on top. My husband likes beans, chicken, cheese, steak and vegetables. Oh and heaven forbid the boys find any color in their food! They both prefer just beans and cheese like a burrito! The toddler however appreciate his nachos dipped in salsa. I’m convinced having a simple nachos recipe that caters to the entire family is the way to go!

Sheet pan nachos are really the most simple nachos recipe you will ever make. The chips lay flat rather than piled high on plate with layers of chips, cheese, beans and steak or chicken which makes it easy for this meal to be customized to each family member by sectioning off areas to add favorable toppings (kinda like a pizza).

How to create the ultimate family-style simple nachos recipe

Grab a bag of chips and spread them out on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Add cheese to different areas such as half with vegan cheese and half with Mexican blend cheese or whatever your family likes (or even no cheese).

Next, layer your protein according to what each family member prefers such as pinto beans, black beans, re-fried beans, chicken or steak. Sprinkle some onions and olives to whoever wants and add some Enchilada sauce for a little extra flavor!

Then bake all the ingredients at 325 degrees for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted. After that add all the toppings to cater to what each person likes! Someone dislikes onions, do not put it on their section. Someone loves vegan cheese, put extra on their side! Make your loaded nachos just the way YOU like it!

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