Zucchini Cookies

These incredibly moist zucchini cookies packed with fiber, whole grains, natural sugar and bursts of decadent chocolate chips are a treat for adults as well as kids. A scrumptious way to eat your vegetables!

Hands down these flavorful zucchini cookies are always a hit! Anytime I serve them, they are eaten up swiftly to the point I have-to freeze half the batch just so we don’t devour almost 40 cookies in one sitting! They have exquisite flavor and a soft chewy texture that leaves taste buds marveled.

Why these zucchini cookies are the best

  • these zucchini cookies are chewy, extraordinary, satisfying, scrumptious, soft, chewy, tasty, wonderful, superb, and truly the tastiest! – need I say more? but really, these cookies have wonderful texture and flavor all while being a healthy sweet treat
  • gluten-free, dairy-free and healthy enough for breakfast – these healthy zucchini cookies are are made with gluten-free flours and oats, and are a tasty way to eat your vegetables in the day😉
  • easy to make, no refrigeration or mixer needed – once the zucchini is shredded and the batter is mixed by hand with a spatula, simply bake the cookies and enjoy! no need to refrigerate to settle the flavors
  • a great way to eat your vegetables without a vegetable taste! – that is a win in our home when it comes to sweet dessert treats packed with veggies

Recipe ingredients

  • zucchini, shredded – this adds fiber, vitamins, nutrients and to the cookies and makes them moist and chewy.
  • eggs – are the binding agent that helps hold the cookies together and adds a bit of protein into the mix
  • vanilla – gives these zucchini cookies delicious flavor
  • apple sauce– is used to create a soft moist cookie, helps bind the batter, and adds a bit of natural sweetness
  • coconut oil– keeps this cookie recipe dairy-free, provides moisture and is a good source of brain-boosting healthy fats
  • gluten-free flour and gluten-free rolled oats– are the bulk and substance of these chocolate chip zucchini oatmeal cookies and adds fiber. See FAQs and TIPS for how to get the perfect cookie and trouble shooting with flour so you never have a flat cookie again!
  • coconut sugar – is used as a healthier sugar as it is natural and not processed and doesn’t spike sugar levels like what sugar will
  • salt and baking soda – salt brings out the flavor and baking soda helps the zucchini cookies to rise
  • chocolate chips- because everyone needs a bit of chocolate in their life now and again😉.

How to make zucchini cookies

STEP 1. Shred the zucchini using a cheese grater into fairly thin slivers (the size of shredded cheese).

STEP 2. Squeeze out the water. This is so the zucchini cookies do not have too much liquid and helps them to bake in the oven properly.

STEP 3: In a small bowl add the wet ingredients.

STEP 4: Whisk them together to combine.

STEP 5. In a large bowl mix together the dry ingredients with the shredded zucchini.

STEP 6. Pour in the wet ingredients and mix well until the cookie batter is fully combined.

STEP 7. Fold in the chocolate chips and blend the batter until the chocolate is evenly dispersed.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Dough spread in the oven / or the zucchini cookies are flat

If the batter spreads there is not enough flour. Make sure to shake off extra flour or use the back of a knife to slice across the top of a measuring cup to remove extra flour. This ensures the proper amount. Also make sure all leavening agents such as baking soda are not expired. You can tell if they are still active by splashing a bit of vinegar on some and if it bubbles, it is still good.

Cookies are not cooking or are watery

Too much water was still in the zucchini. Make sure to squeeze out as much water as possible to prevent this issue.

Cookies didn’t bake evenly or the edges are dark but the middles are underbaked

Make sure the oven temperature is working properly. This is a sign that the heat is too high and not cooked long enough, which causes uneven baking in cookies. Again, also make sure to squeeze out as much water as possible from the zucchini.

How long do these zucchini cookies last?

They last 3 days on the counter in an airtight container or stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Can I freeze zucchini cookies?

Yes, and if you don’t plan on eating them right away I highly suggest doing this. Layer them in an airtight container with wax or parchment paper in-between the layers to prevent sticking. They will last for 2-3 months. To defrost, let them set out at room temperature and they will defrost within 1 hour.

Can I make these zucchini cookies regular and not gluten-free?

This recipe calls for gluten-free flour and gluten-free rolled oats. If you do not have a food allergy you can make them using regular all-purpose flour and regular oats in equal amounts.

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