Roasted Rainbow Carrots With Zesty Drizzle Sauce

Whole or baby roasted rainbow carrots are super easy to make, scrumptious, and will make the whole house smell wonderful with sweetness and turmeric aromas. This colorful carrot recipe is ready in 30 minutes and a nutritionally dense side dish!

These roasted rainbow carrots (also known as heritage carrots) are seasoned in garlic, turmeric, paprika spices and come with a super fantastic dipping sauce that compliment the natural sweet flavor of carrots! This recipe is so simple like roasted carrots and asparagus.

Why these colorful carrots work

Rainbow carrots are an amazing detox food up there with cucumbers, coconut water, hot lemon water and ginger. The purple hue in purple carrots is rich in antioxidants and the orange hue in orange carrots is wonderful for helping with vision. All three colors contain fiber and are low in calorie which helps to support weight loss and flush away toxins when consumed with plenty of water and a healthy diet. [source].

When you roast colorful carrots, it bring out their natural sweet flavor, and these roasted rainbow carrots have the enhancement of turmeric, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. [source]

What to serve with roasted rainbow carrots

Roasted vegetables are wonderful to serve as a side dish with Sirloin Steak, Lemon Honey Chicken, Healthy Masala recipe or turn them into a buddha bowl with cauliflower rice and this dressing drizzled on top. They are just as popular in our home (and I hope now yours too!) as our Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, and these Easy Roasted Asparagus and Carrots. Plus, what makes this multi-colored carrot recipe so unique is the addition of ethnic spices into your day!

Tips for roasting vegetables

Spread the vegetables on a sheet pan evenly and make sure they are not overlapping, which helps keep the vegetables evenly baked. It is optional to flip these halfway through cooking but not necessary. Just check to see if they are tender after 25 minutes of baking when poked with a fork. Carrots may need more or less time depending on how crispy or tender your preference is. If you like your roasted rainbow carrots a bit crispy and darker, then flip them halfway through baking and add about 5-10 more minutes of roasted time.

Ingredients and different colors of carrots

Three different colors of carrots go into this recipe! Tri colored rainbow carrots come in all forms from vibrant orange to white and purple. They all have their own health benefits and a wonderful way to get antioxidants and fiber. Use either baby rainbow carrots or long fresh rainbow carrots with stems removed. Our stores in Texas do not carry them as is, only the baby carrots so oven cooking time may vary depending how thick the carrots are.

Flavors and spices include olive oil to prevent the colorful carrots from sticking to the pan, cinnamon, paprika, turmeric, garlic powder, salt, black pepper and nutmeg.

Dipping sauce is made up of vegan mayonnaise, but you can use regular mayonnaise too. Then mix in fresh lemon or lime juice, paprika, salt, non-dairy milk (or regular), pinch of sugar (I use monk fruit), and cornstarch or arrowroot starch to thicken the sauce. The dipping sauce is not shown in the ingredients image.

How to make this recipe

STEP 1: Wash and prepare the carrots. Either remove stems and peel and wash long rainbow carrots or use baby rainbow carrots that are already prepared.

STEP 2: In a small bowl mix together the spices.

STEP 3: Evenly spread carrots on a large baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and spices.

Using your hands, toss rainbow carrots in the mixture to coat and spread evenly again on the pan, making sure the carrots are not overlapping.

STEP 4: Roast in the oven until tender. Carrots are done when poked with a fork and tender and when they are shriveled and caramelized around the edges a bit.

STEP 5: While the carrots are roasting, make the sauce. In a small bowl combine the sauce ingredients and whisk together until creamy. It will be a thin liquid.

STEP 6: Serve carrots sprinkled with freshly chopped parsley or cilantro and dipping sauce drizzled on top or on the side.


What is a heirloom carrot?

Heirloom, or heritage carrots come in a variety of colours including purple, black, white and yellow, which is how carrots used to be. This is before Dutch growers developed the popular orange variation. Today we most commonly see the multi-colors of white, orange and purple.

Do rainbow carrots taste different?

Purple and white carrots tend not to be as sweet tasting as orange carrots which is why you do not usually see them used in Carrot Juice, but they are still earthy and delicious.

Do you need to peel rainbow carrots before roasting?

If using rainbow carrots that are not yet peeled, yes wash and peel them first to remove dirt and debris.

More colorful and carrot recipes you may enjoy

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