Spicy Ginger Vegetable Zoodle Soup

A spicy soy sauce-based ginger soup brothwith sweet red bell peppers, green onions, zoodles and jalapenos. A household favorite grain free vegetable zucchini soup recipe in 30 minutes!

I was shooting photos for this post and my husband (starving for lunch and normally not a fan of zoodles) was begging for me to hurry so he could eat the props. After the shoot he and my 3 year old sat together pleasantly eating the bowl of ginger broth soup… packed with veggies! Winning, right??!!

I searched words that might strike an interest and words to describe this Asian soup and the only title I came up with is Spicy Ginger Vegetable Zoodle Soup! It is packed with amazing flavors from a soy sauce ginger soup broth that presents an abundance of flavors thanks to the combination of sweet red peppers and spicy jalapenos. You can get some gluten-free tamari low sodium soy sauce here.

When I was a kid I used to cringe at the though of anything spicy! I never grew up with jalapenos or any form of peppers. Fast forward 36 years later and I have a husband and three year old that love it! I am slowly growing an acquired taste. Therefor, I understand if you have a fear of the first word being SPICY.

If spicy is not your thing…. do what I did and just add it at the end as a topping! That puts you in the drivers seat, in total control!

Otherwise, you might get too much of a hit to handle and start sweating profusely at the table. -Hubby, I am speaking to you there.

If you are anything like my husband and my 3 year old, they live for that sweat! I don’t understand and will probably never understand this strive for men to torture themselves by eating mass amounts of hot sauce or jalapenos.

To each his own. Right? Any those are his gorgeous hands helping out in the picture:-)

Soups are another thing. I live for soup recipes in the winter months. We are not doing the Whole30 thing, but definitely eat tons of foods with vegetables as the main ingredient. Soups are my favorite way to eat cleaner and lighter and ensure my kiddos are getting some much needed veggies to balance out the pizza and bean and cheese burritos we eat about 4 times a week!

Soy sauce is fantastic with vegetable broth and add a dash of fresh ginger or ginger powder for an excellent ginger soup broth to toss with meats, serve as soup or saute with seafood!

The ingredients in this Asian soup are easy to spread out throughout the week into Mexican dishes such as tacos, loaded nachos and zucchini noodles in pasta sauce. Let me help show you how.

3 Tips to Meal Prep and Save Food for the week using ingredients in This Spicy Ginger Vegetable Zoodle Soup:

  1. Chop a large batch of green onions, white onions, red, orange, yellow and green bell peppers to use throughout the week as you prep for this meal. Sautee them easily for burrito nights or chop them finely for nachos.
  2. Chop up an entire bunch of cilantro to have on hand for nachos for another night.
  3. Turn extra zucchini into zoodles, or if you don’t use all of the zucchini in this recipe use them with a homemade marinara sauce for another weeknight.

I am a big fan of reusing leftovers into new meals so no food gets wasted. And I am just realizing you want these tips too! I will be starting  a series on reusing foods that can last a whole week in dinners.

How To Make Ginger Soup Broth

Always start with a base broth – beef, chicken or vegetable stock. I went with vegetable here to keep it a vegetarian meal.

Add either fresh ginger or dry to the broth along with rice vinegar. Then add the vegetables such as green onion, red bell peppers and jalapeno chile (or wait till the end to add this to plates that want it).

Let the broth simmer and the flavors combine. Right before serving add the cooked noodles or freshly spiralized zucchini zoodles so they do not get too mushy or soft from sitting in the broth too long.

If you need an easy quick spiralizer, I like this one that takes less than 5 minutes to spiralize 2 zucchini squash.

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