Cloud Eggs In Turkey Sausage

Soft and fluffy cloud eggs tossed with turkey sausage, chives and Parmesan cheese. The perfect delicate and simple breakfast or brunch to revamp a typical egg dish!

These are called cloud eggs or eggs in a cloud for BIG DELICIOUS reason! They are sooo delicate, light and fluffy with a creamy egg yolk center served inside a nest of fluffy whipped egg white clouds! The combination will melt in your mouth especially with the extra flavors of ground turkey sausage and cheese inside.

Forget the traditional scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs, frittatas and even egg casserole recipes. Cloud eggs revamp breakfast and brunch time 100% and can be doubled or tripped to serve a larger crowd. The other amazing part? The whipped egg whites and yolk centers are baked on a sheet pan in as little 6-7 minutes!

There is a story behind all my recipes so are you ready for this one? If not, feel free to skip along;-) Do to the California fires we headed to Colorado to stay with my sister and brother-in-law. It was the worst disaster that gave us a chance for some much needed family time, and nothing is more important than family time. When the whole family is together it just helps to rejuvenate my energy and creativity and is a reminder to appreciate everyone in my life. Some days I need that. Anyways, my sister and I always have a great time together and we LOVE to cook together in the kitchen. Having two cooks is a good thing with a food blog because I could shoot tutorial pictures while she made our cloud eggs. As she whipped, I clicked away! I have seen other cloud egg recipes that call for various ingredients such as ham or green onions but we went along with what was in the fridge. You can also  make these totally plan by whipping the whites alone before baking.

STEP 1: Gather the ingredients- four eggs with the yolks and whites separated, fully cooked ground turkey meat, Parmesan cheese and chopped chives.

STEP 2: Whip the egg whites until they are light and fluffy.

STEP 3: Add the ground turkey sausage, cheese and chives to the fluffy egg whites and fold the ingredients together using a spatula.

STEP 4: Pour the egg white batter into four servings on a baking pan to form four “clouds”. Using a spoon make a well in the center of each cloud, which will be for the egg yolks that will be cooked later. Bake 3 minutes, add the yolk then bake another 3 minutes.

I promise you will love this easy egg recipe! It is so fluffy and delicious. For a creamier yolk cook slightly less and for a firmer yolk cook 3-4 minutes. Also I have made these in both high and low altitudes and in the higher altitude it worked best to cook for 4 and 4 minutes instead of 3 and 3 minutes.

Enjoy and don’t forget to pin this recipe to save and share!


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