Lemon Salt Water (Benefits and Recipe)

A powerful 2-ingredient morning tonic with loads of immunity boosting and health benefits! Lemon salt water is best to consume using pink Himalayan salt supplying your body with dozens of trace minerals and electrolytes.

Lemon water and salt

An 8-ounce glass of warm salt in lemon water first thing in the morning using Himalayan salt or high-quality sea salt does wonders to your body. It’s the golden elixir of life that can increase your immune function, decrease uric acid to fight inflammation, improve digestion, support a healthy colon, and balances your body. This is due to the vitamin C content and naturally occuring minerals in pink Himalayan salt, especially potassium and calcium.

Drinking warm or hot lemon water in general has loads of health benefits but adding just a dash of salt compounds the effects about 10 times. It is also wonderful to add to any of our other detox water recipes. And nope, this is not a density science experiment – just a quick and easy healthy drink to add to your daily routine!


  • Lemon – a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is all you need!
  • Pink Himalayan Salt – Pink salt is suggested but you can also use high-quality sea salt.
  • Water – 8 ounce glass of warm or room temperature filtered water.

How to make lemon salt water

Using lukewarm water or room temperature water, fill a glass with water. Add a pinch of salt and lemon juice. Mix to blend the ingredients and drink in-between meals or first thing in the morning.

Benefits of lemon water with salt

  1. Lemons help fight inflammation. Lemons help dissolve uric acid buildup in the bones and contain anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Helps to absorb food and water properly. A glass of lemon salt water a day may promote mineral balance and help the body absorb nutrients and stay better hydrated than drinking water alone.
  3. Balances the body’s pH acid levels. Lemons are an acid, but consuming the citrus fruit helps to balance the pH levels in the bloodstream of the body.
  4. Boosts the immune system. Since lemon water with salt helps the body absorb liquid more easily it helps to flush away toxins that can cause sickness and disease. Lemons also contain high amounts of vitamin C, which aids to strengthen the immunity.
  5. Promotes glowing skin and helps to clear away acne. Drinking at least 8 ounces of water per day (or half your body weight in ounces) promotes clearer skin (as does drinking an apple cider vinegar drink). Add salt and lemon in water and you’ve got a natural beauty drink that dates back to ancient Roman times. Roman emperors used to also use sea salt to cure psoriasis and eczema and rub it all over their bodies.
  6. Acts as a natural antihistamine for allergies. Lemon naturally cuts phlegm, which increases in the body during allergy season. Salt acts as a natural cleanser to clear out the nasal passageways. Consuming lemon water with salt is a great replacement to allergy pills!
  7. Reduces frustrating celulite. The blend of salt and citrus fruit helps to dissolve and smooth visible cellulite, acting as a natural beauty spa!
  8. Acts to support and detox cells. The body naturally detoxes through the liver as we sleep. All-natural Himalayan salt mixed with lemon juice and water helps to support the body’s natural detoxification and “pull out” unhealthy toxins.
  9. Promotes healthy digestion. Warm lemon water with Himalayan salt or high-quality sea salt before any meal, helps jumpstart your liver to produce the essential bile needed to clean out harmful gut bacteria and toxins.

Side effects of drinking lemon with salt

Drinking too much salt with lemon in water side effects may include hypertension and heart problems. As with table salt and any salt, too much consumption of salt can increase your risk of stroke and kidney disease. So just have one drink one a day friend:-).

Best salt to drink

We highly suggest Pink Himalayan salt for its high mineral and natural electrolyte content although high-quality sea salt works as well. Pink salt does not contain iodine, which you will want to get from other sources such as dairy, seaweed, and table salt. Then there is also Himalayan black salt. I have not personally used this kind but from what I understand it has a strong flavor similar to eggs where Himalayan pink salt has no aroma. Not sure about you but I think I’ll go with the aroma-free salt!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you add salt to lemon juice?

The salt will slightly dissolve in lemon water, but not fully. Whereas if you dissolve salt with lime juice, it will dissolve more quickly. When you drink lemon salt water, mix it and then drink it right away to avoid the settlement of salt particles, which can taste sour.

What happens when you drink lemon water for 7 days?

The benefits of lemon water when consumed first thing in the morning activates the liver and jumpstarts digestive enzymes. This can help ease indigestion, constipation, and promote natural weight loss!

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