Turmeric And Honey Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Turmeric and honey combined with nonfat Greek yogurt adds delicious flavor to these overnight oats! Golden milk porridge is packed with nutritional benefits and fiber to hold hunger off for hours!

My son, being a 4 year old, has a pretty fantastic job of playing and eating! Although most mornings I don’t know quite what to expect with his personality. Those emotional are still figuring themselves out. When the sun rises and there are beams of light coming through the windows he is fully ready to rise and shine! Although are two ways this can go. One: I have a happy pleasant boy ready to face the day with joy! Or Two: I have a non-morning little boy screaming at me for no apparent reason then probably hangry pains.

Then my mantra starts with… Deep breaths. Breathe. Breathe again. Breathe some more. And enjoy the pretty magenta flower at breakfast on these oats.

If your child is a grouch in the morning, I promise they do still love you tremendously. Though it is hard to see before that first hit of a giant 24 ounce “but I only had one cup” of coffee.

As courageous as you are, dare to attempt to make a warm time-consuming breakfast that day?

Let’s speed up a moment.

That “cup of coffee” has already been conquered and now you can function fully to feed the children and deal with any and all emotional breakdowns. After all, you are a super parent!

Ok, everyone in the house still needs to eat. Cereal, eggs, pancakes or…oatmeal? Yes, oatmeal is easy and healthy! So let’s chat about oatmeal for a moment.

Overnight oatmeal. Because you conquered it all and it is in the refrigerator from the night before and ready to serve and eat!

When I was growing up oatmeal was the ugliest porridge I ever saw. I picture church potlucks or traveling and staying at hotels and having it served at continental breakfasts. A giant silver spoon reaching in to scoop out a giant colorless BLOB! And can you hear it? It’s that giant BLOB smacking against a hollow bowl making a weird slushy sound as you play with the food. It’s plain old boring oatmeal boiled in water and tossed in melted butter. Sad, sad oatmeal. No turmeric and honey anywhere to been seen in the oatmeal to give it the marvelous depth it needs.

When my kids were first born, Big C started eating oatmeal after a year and little C skipped right though rice cereal and just started with oatmeal. I know, hard on his digestive system but actually he never had any trouble munching it down. I always served the best oatmeal recipe to the boys with cinnamon, chia seeds, hemp seeds, a splash of flax oil, almond butter, honey and warm coconut or cashew milk. A lot of ingredients, but I wanted to make sure they got the balanced nutrition they needed. Both my boys love oatmeal served that way! I never really thought about giving the boys turmeric and honey oatmeal until recently. Recently being when I introduced Big C to my golden milk recipe. Golden milk recipes are endless and lots are easily found online! Add it to curry, oatmeal and latte’s. After that first sip Big C had of golden milk… well… he’s been hooked! (This pretty fruit and floral oatmeal topped is inspired from here. )

I just love stacking oatmeal with piles of my favorite seasonal fruits stacked to the brim! And I also love adding nonfat Greek Yogurt to oatmeal for lots of extra protein!


Golden milk tea is one of those powerful foods that everyone should try. Sweetened with Stevia it is sugar free! For my boys, I sweeten it with turmeric and honey. Honey benefits are that it is packed with energizing B vitamins and immunity boosting nutrients. Honey contains flavonoids and antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. It is also an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. And whenever we are sick we make sure to have honey with lemon in tea. It reduces cough and throat irritation. I probably could never go fully vegan since I love those heaping teaspoons of honey. Turmeric is incredibly healing too. It can help prevent fibrocystic tumors and even eliminate acne.

My mom is an anti-oatmeal eater (and she’s probably reading this). I’m sure because she grew up on the porridge version. Flavored with nothing but butter and salt. Slimy to the palette so I really don’t blame her for the disgust. The boys and I are heading to the East Coast in a month and I cannot wait to introduce her to this turmeric and honey oatmeal. The best way to serve it is with tons of fabulous fresh fruit! Our favorite in-season fruit on oatmeal is blueberries, peaches and banana slices. But feel free to top your turmeric and honey oatmeal with raspberries, kiwi or strawberries too!

How to make the best turmeric and honey oatmeal:

Really, how do you make the best overnight oatmeal? Is there even a smart technique? Yep! First off, make this golden milk recipe. If you are gluten free just stick with gluten free oats. How fabulous that they are now available online and in the cereal section of most grocery stores!

No need to cook the oats. The liquid from Greek yogurt and turmeric golden milk tea will absorb into the oats by morning. Top with lots of fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup!

This is such a delicious, high fiber and high protein breakfast! It will energize and fill you for hours! Adding nonfat Greek yogurt adds tons of protein. A perfect healthy breakfast full of healthy carbs and protein and is especially good to eat before a workout.

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