Easy to Make Detox Water Recipes

Drinking detox water for weight loss is the ultimate cleanse to heal your gut, staying hydrated, and to transform your body! These detox water recipes boost your metabolism, eliminate toxins and amplify glowing skin through the support of aging and antioxidants from lemons [source] [source]!

Easy Detox Water Recipes

One of the best weight loss tips is to drink water – even full moon water. Water is pure, clean, calorie-free and rids the body from toxins and free radicals. To put it bluntly, water is healing, flushes the system and makes you shine from the inside out! Come-on, who doesn’t want that!? These are the best detox drinks that do it all!

Drinking water instead of caloric beverages decreases is beneficial to fueling the body with less calories. Water detoxing is a great way to reduce fat stored in the liver in obese individuals, including adults and children when lemon and vinegar are added [source].

It’s also a good idea to track your water intake to make sure you drink enough water a day. It might be challenging to keep your progress in mind, so consider a water tracker app that will store all your records at hand. This way, you will rest assured you consume enough water your body needs so badly.

What if I do not like the flavor of water?

You might be thinking that water is boring, tasteless, and “I have to choke it down half the time”. Not with these detox water recipes! These beverages are refreshing, go down smooth, and are slightly naturally sweetened so you can enjoy these detoxifying drinks.

Getting a good cleanse

When I was in college caffeinated diet coke was my go-to beverage ALL THE TIME! I’m not talking about one or two glasses; I am talking about two liters of soda per day! I was addicted. On top of that I never drank water, had terrible tiny bumps under my skin, and my menstrual cycles were never on time. Even after a workout, I would grab a diet coke to sooth my thirst instead of water! Yes, I was THAT addicted! When I found out my body was out of sorts, hormones off-balanced and I needed a good cleanse (you can read a bit of my health journey on my about page here), I stopped cold turkey and started every day with warm lemon water first thing in the morning along with these detox water recipes throughout the day.

What this does is reset the body and alkaline the blood.

Then I got into the benefits of lemon water and this lemon cucumber detox water. I drink a pitcher of either one religiously throughout the day. Eventually after drinking these natural detox water recipes I stopped craving sugary drinks as much.

I sweeten my water naturally with fresh produce such as lemons, berries, cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, ginger and cayenne pepper.

Health benefits of Detox Water

The more you drink these detox water recipes, the better your digestion (and less indigestion!) will be! It also aids in weight loss, flat belly, and increases your metabolism!

Drinking detox water supports:

  • liver cleanse
  • removes toxins
  • clearer skin
  • weight loss
  • better digestion
  • increases hydration
  • improves mood
  • decreases risk of kidney stones
  • improves energy levels
  • balances pH levels in the body


4 Easy Detox Water Recipes to Enjoy Today

I’ll share in-depth the benefits that each of these water cleanse recipes have on the body too! Drinking more water will help with digestion and flushing out toxins in the body. So, ready to start your power cleanse diet?! Actually, slash that. Let’s not call it a “cleanse diet, super cleaner or weight loss cleanse”. Let’s revamp it to just be a part of a healthy way of life!

1. Lemon Cucumber Detox Water

This detox drink is a delicious blend of lemons, water, mint leaves, and cucumber slices, and is so easy and refreshing! Add lemon and cucumber slices to water and let it set to maximize nutrients into the detox water. Lemons are high in vitamins such as vitamin C which boosts the immune system. If you want, you can skip the cucumber and just do lemon, but you will be missing out on the benefits of cucumbers. Cucumbers have anti inflammatory properties as they are rich in water and fiber and reduce swelling.

Get the recipe for Lemon Cucumber Detox Water here.

7 Benefits of drinking lemon water

Lemons are an acidic food that when it enters the body combined with water, alkaline the blood stream. This is great for if you are dehydrated as it replenishes the body and enhances the body’s ability to absorb water.

  1. Lemon water flushes out the system and stimulate the liver. Side note: did you know your liver can store unwanted things like too much iron or it can malfunction to produce extra cholesterol (which the body naturally produces). Lemon water boosts liver productivity to rid the body of extras it does not need. Much like adding Draino to plumbing to unclog a pipe!
  2. Aids in digestion. Removes bloating and indigestion!
  3. Builds the immune system. Lemons are packed with vitamin C, which helps increase the body’s immunity to sickness!
  4. Prettier skin! Yes please! Lemons detoxify the blood which maintains skin’s radiance. It is also rich in antioxidants to eliminate free radicals that can cause dull skin and cause aging effects.
  5. Loose weight with lemon water! Lemons natural contain pectin fiber which helps to ward off hunger cravings.
  6. Helps with anxiety and depression. Lemons have a calming effect to the nervous system, even just smelling the citrus.
  7. Prevents kidney stones. The citric acid in lemons increases urine total which helps to fight off kidney stones.


Drinking lemon water in the morning starts the body off with balanced digestion after resting for 8 hours without food or water and boosts liver function.

Now that we know 7 benefits to lemon water, lets ramp up the lemon water (base of these detox cleanse recipes) by adding more beneficial detoxing ingredients!

2. Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Drink

A zesty blend of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and water to rid the body of unhealthy bacteria. Apple cider vinegar has fat burning properties and studies show that drinking 1-2 tablespoons per day can help you lose weight. It is slightly sweetened with real maple syrup to add a delicious flavor.

What’s all the rave about apple cider vinegar drink anyways? ALOT! Drinking apple cider vinegar water is one of the best things to drink for weight loss and a flat belly since the main ingredient is water and apple cider activates digestion. Be sure to check out our recipe for homemade apple cider vinegar!

Get the recipe for Apple Cider Vinegar Drink here.

Raw apple cider vinegar drink benefits

  1. Puts the good bacteria in your body for the improvement of gastrointestinal health associated with a fermented beverage. This aids in the outcomes of a flat belly and less bloat! This apple cider vinegar (ACV) drink contains strand-like chains of protein enzyme molecules that help regulate bacteria in the gastrointestinal. Think of your gut as your second brain. It is a powerhouse that controls your organs and you want to make sure it stays healthy and is rich in good-for-you bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria. Not only does ACV contain good bacteria, it is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and other vitamins and minerals [source].
  2. Drinking 1-2 tablespoons per day helps to maintain blood sugar levels and aids in digestion. Drink 30 ml (2 tablespoons always diluted in water) per day to help with weight loss.
  3. Kills bacteria in the mouth and removes stains. Whiter teeth!
  4. Aids to support cardiovascular health thanks to apples [source].
  5. Assists weight loss! Raw apple cider vinegar such as this one contains acetic acid. Acetic acid, when consumed regularly, decreases abdominal fat and build-up of body and liver fats [source] [source].

3. Lemon Cayenne Pepper Water

This beverage is one of the ultimate detox water for flat belly! This detoxing drink is slightly spicy with a sweet combination of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger and real maple syrup to sweeten.

Cayenne pepper is spicy and burns- in a good way! Like most spicy foods, cayenne pepper is fantastic to rev-up the metabolism! This recipe has metabolism boosting ingredients and anti-inflammatory properties from adding fresh ginger, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

Cayenne pepper health benefits

  1. Helps digestion. Cayenne pepper stimulates the digestion enzymes which boosts the metabolism by increasing body temperature.
  2. Heals the gut.
  3. Detoxes and Improves poor circulation. It stimulates circulation to reduce blood clots and remove bacteria and toxins from the body.
  4. Supports weight loss. When eaten for breakfast, cayenne pepper can decrease the appetite, therefore consuming less food. It is an anti-inflammatory food which is known to soothe bloating, infections and food allergies.
  5. Is an anti-oxidant and rich in capsanthin and mixed carotenoids, mainly B-carotene, B-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and capsorubin of C. Cayenne is also essential for disease prevention [source].

4. Fruit Infused Detoxing Water

A refreshing combination of fresh berries soaked into the water for a slightly naturally sweet flavor. This is delicious using sparkling or seltzer water and combining fruits and herbs such as mint leaves and basil leaves in addition to berries. Want to feel fancy? Serve it in a champagne glass😊.

Health benefits of drinking fruit water

Loose weight with fruit water! Fruit infused waters are an excellent alternative to sugary drinks and has far less calories with almost zero sugars. Craving something sweet to drink? Fruit infused waters are slightly sweetened with the natural flavor of your favorite fruits. This one is made with antioxidant rich berries and a splash of lemon juice.

  1. Blackberries aid to build elasticity in the skin for a more vibrant look! Blackberries are responsible for strengthening collagen formation to tighten and tone the skin, helping you to look younger. They also are packed with fiber for weight loss and is a lower calorie fruit.
  2. Lower sugar. Natural sweetness comes from fruit.
  3. Boost immunity from antioxidants from fruit.
  4. Aids in weight loss since it is lower in calories and sugar than juice and contains fiber to flush toxins and curbs cravings [source].

Drinking lemon water everyday and these four detox water recipes will help you:

  • lose weight
  • boost metabolism
  • stay hydrated
  • curb hunger
  • get glowing skin
  • stay healthy
  • kill off viruses
  • calm anxiety and depression!

Cheers to that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is detox water good for skin?

Drinking water is excellent to improve skin texture. Water (especially infused with lemon) pushes out toxins and free radicals that age us and linger in the body and allows the skin to breathe more freely.

How much detox water should I drink a day?

In general you should consume ½ your weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 100 pounds you should drink 50 ounces of water per day. For detox water and detox drinks, drink about 3 times per day.

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