Plum Habanero Salsa

This plum habanero salsa is a wonderful way to use up seasonal plums and juicy tomatoes! It is a little bit of sweet and spicy wrapped up into one delicious salsa! Top it on tacos, burgers, salads and pork chops!

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Plum and habanero salsa recipe

If you like some heat in your life, yet a little bit of sweet I have you covered, friend! This summer salsa recipe has it all – made of roasted tomatoes, plums, tequila (optional), lime, and spices! Along with those robust flavors, get directions how you can preserve the recipe so it lasts for months on end.

Seasonal produce comes and goes and what I hate more than anything is wasting food. Especially good flavorful seasonal produce that can lasts longer without having to worry about it getting freezer burn to do so.

It happened just the other year. My sister-in-law called me up as I was making a sugar-free coconut pie, telling me her plum tree was growing like crazy and if I want to test any plum recipes, I better come pick her plum tree quickly. The plums grow fast and fall off the tree faster! Then what…

Plum pie, plum pudding, plum sauce… and a spicy habanero plum salsa! Or you get just so darn plumed out that some of fruit gets wasted. I had so much extra fruit that year that a bunch did get wasted and I felt horrible throwing away food. Now that I have gotten into canning, that will not be happening again!

The best part about making this salsa is that it is easy to can preserve so you can enjoy it throughout the year or give as gifts to your friends! Afterall, you just can not beat homemade food and gifts!

If you have never can preserved produce before I highly recommend it. It is so much simpler than one might think, and it will save you loads of money, especially with having fruit trees and a vegetable garden growing in abundance.

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Here is what comes in the kit: 4 half Pint jars, preserving rack, real fruit classic pectin, jar lifter, headspace/bubble remover tool, and jar funnel. It also includes step-by-step instructions and a coupon for 12-pack mason jars!

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This plum salsa recipe is a good one and makes a very large batch! It is subtly spicy, sweet, juicy, and tangy all into one enjoyable condiment!

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