Chocolate Easter Bird Nests

Gluten-free chocolate nests for Easter made with crunchy corn flakes cereal and coconut are one of the best no bake desserts to take for Easter brunch or a bird theme party! 

Easter chocolate bird nests

Spring has sprung my fellow friends and I can not be more excited about it than I am!!! Clearly doing a happy dance right now that I wish was live so you can see or party-on dancing with me!

The moment day light savings happened how did your morning go? Was your whole day off an hour? Did your children sleep in longer or get up at 6:30 am thinking it was 5:30 am? Or was it just hard to even wake anyone up because they were sleeping for hours totally off from the beaming light glowing inside each window not sure what was going on?

Our boys are normally up between 5:30 am-6:30 am each morning and it is always ME getting up with them. I am a morning person (normally) so totally down with that strategy. Last night my sweet little 2-year old started throwing up right before bedtime so I was up all night with him which fully threw our whole day off. Luckily his virus only lasted till about 3:00 am and he slept-in till 8:30 am to catch up on sleep. I think I got the better end of the deal because our 5 year old came in our room about 11:00 pm and my hubby went to sleep with him in his bed only to get up at 6:30 am. While the sick one and I slept sound-fully in a giant King-size bed till 8:30 am! I heard the most beautiful birds chirping outside our window and it was light outside. Such a pleasant way to awake.

Not even sure when the last time I truly got to sleep in  but I am grateful for any extra sleep!

Those beautiful birds cheerfully chirping outside my window brought about such an appreciation for spring and Easter. Spring is a time where the weather is warmer, days are longer, afternoon tea parties take place and the ritual of outdoor barbecues start up again! One of the most empowering times of the year! Then the kiddos start thing about all the lovely Easter Baskets the Easter Bunny brings! Easter chocolate eggs, Easter chocolate bunnies, Easter chocolate nests, Easter chocolate bundt cake and all the gifts and candy- oh my!!!

Thinking back to when I was my children’s age we always had family Easter gathering around my great aunt’s home in New Jersey or my Grandmothers house. Afternoons were spent with my cousins and I socializing in the yard, riding bikes, laughing, tossing balls and playing through fresh green gardens as the grown-up sat in a circle in lounge chairs chatting for hours. Then gravitating to eat mass amounts of jelly beans, coconut cake and chocolate nests decorated with eggs everywhere! These are memories of happiness that are being passed down to the next generation.

This weekend the hubby and I made the same Spring happiness happen for our children. We had family time with the boys grandparents and played basketball then grilled a tasty meal together followed by sitting down as a family together to eat and chat about our lives. We made these chocolate Easter nests made with corn flakes and cholate powder for dessert in preparation for Easter and an Easter Cake recipe I also tested out on the in-laws. Both recipes passed the testers approval chart!


These chocolate nests contain Corn flake cereal, healthy coconut oil, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and a small amount of maple syrup. Simple ingredients and pretty healthy for dessert! Everyone went back for seconds of both my cake and chocolate nests!!!

So sit back, enjoy a late afternoon, relax and just relish the sounds of laughter and play as you enjoy an outdoor feast with the most savory chocolaty dessert that is totally healthy!

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