Matcha Energy Balls

Matcha energy balls packed with protein powder and sweetened with dates. Improve mental awareness, immunity and muscles with these all-natural and gluten-free matcha green tea protein balls!

Matcha green tea is a known for being rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and is the elixir of good health. Did you also know it helps to improve mental awareness and aids in cancer prevention too? Not only that but it supports the body’s cardiovascular system, assists to get rid of free radicals, boosts energy and can speed up the metabolism!

I am screaming inside just how good matcha green tea is for you!!! It also has 137 times more antioxidants than basic green tea.

Bring on the matcha, please! I will take it as a latte or in these matcha energy balls, which should also be referred to as superfood muscle building protein balls.

Can a protein ball get any better than this? Ok, maybe if there was chocolate added.

What is inside these matcha energy balls

Zero refined sugar! These matcha protein balls are made with dates so the sugar is natural. It is also made with no sugar added protein powder. If you end up using a protein powder that contains sugar, note it will be sweeter than this recipe calls for. Probably still delicious- let me know.

Japanese matcha green tea powder! That is where tons of the flavor, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals come from. Matcha is a powerhouse of antioxidants and contains protein, fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, carotene, vitamin A, C and E.

Vanilla extract adds a hint of flavor that works well with the matcha powder and coconut flavors.

Unflavored and unsweetened plain protein powder. This helps the body build muscles and you can use your favorite – whey or vegan and plant-based.

Dash of pink Himalayan salt to bring out all the good flavors by just a dash😉.

Coconut milk powder to give these healthy protein balls their creaminess. When I was testing this recipe and making the first batch, I took it of to my neighbor (Hi, girl 😉!). We tested the first round together and she said her favorite part of a matcha latte is how creamy it is. She had a creamy Keto coconut milk powder that she suggested. I retried, it was delicious (so was the first round), but I left out the coconut oil and it was chewy with a slightly off consistency. I tried again using coconut milk powder and altering a few ingredients amounts and the recipe turned out awesome! That one little tweak made a big difference- thank you, Marcie!

Coconut oil which helps to make the matcha energy balls not as sticky as they would be without. Using protein powder and dates makes the balls sticky and this helps to create a dense consistency that is easier to handle. If you want, toss the balls in extra matcha powder so they do not stick together. I made it with coconut oil and without and with coconut oil was better in my opinion. Without made it chewier. Still good, just chewier and stickier😊.

How to make this matcha recipe

Remove the pits of the dates first and then add all the ingredients to a food processor.

Turn it to high (with cover on). It will resemble a powder at first, yet after blending for a while will form a thick paste.

Using a 1 inch diameter cookie scoop, scoop out and form the dough into a ball with the palm of your hands. Place each ball on parchment paper while making the next one. This will make 16 matcha energy balls.

I wanted to create a recipe similar to a protein bar that is healthy using matcha green tea that would fuel my body and help build muscles after a workout. I also wanted it to be grain-free and nut-free and mostly protein powder for the base.

These green tea / matcha energy balls are quick, easy, no bake, diary-free (if using vegan protein), grain-free and delicious! They are great as an after-workout snack to build muscles and boost energy booster throughout the day, or enjoy them as a quick snack or breakfast! I promise they do not disappoint!

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