Skinny Mango Cocktail Vodka Drink

Mango cocktail recipe sweetened naturally with mango puree and fresh citrus juice mixed with vodka and sparkling water. Enjoy this refreshing drink when you’re looking for an alcoholic beverage on the skinny side! Or skip the booze and serve it straight up over ice!

Let’s chat cocktails, shall we? I’m all about a delicious mixed drink recipe, but the sugar content for some of them is considerable. I mean who needs loads of processed sugar in a drink, right? So, I like to make homemade cocktail recipes that are lighter, sweetened with fresh fruit, natural sugar and contain no simple syrup. A few favorites are this skinny margarita, peach frozen margarita, loquat orange cocktail, grape frosé rosé, green tea shooters, and sparkling passionfruit cocktail, all which are delicious served with a crunchy pecan chicken salad! And don’t forget to wash your cocktails down with a good detox water afterwards.

Be sure to also try out our homemade mango juice!

Skinny Mango Cocktail

I sat on the beach the other day texting with a friend about our favorite cocktail recipes. We both agree that anything made with fruit puree, sparkling water and clear alcohol is fantastic! It is a refreshing way to stay a bit hydrated and decrease sugar intake in an alcoholic beverage😊, to say the least. And there is a gorgeous mango sitting in our kitchen waiting to be used.

This mango cocktail is on the lighter side and can also be made virgin (just skip the vodka if you prefer) and served over ice, like a spritzer and is made with a low sugar blend of:

  1. vodka
  2. pureed mango or mango juice
  3. fresh lime juice
  4. monk fruit sweetener (or use maple syrup of honey)
  5. sparkling water

Can I use Rum or Tequila in place of vodka

Yes, you can replace the vodka with another clear liquid! Use tequila or rum in equal parts (sub out the vodka) to change this mango drink into a mango margarita or mango mojito! And if you like vodka in a cocktail, be sure to try our moscow mule recipe too!

Does this mango cocktail recipe save

This mango cocktail is best served right away as the mango fruit is the most flavorful fresh. To save it, make the puree in a blender with the vodka, lime and sweetener and store in advance in the refrigerator for up to two days. Right before serving the drinks, add the sparkling water. Parts of the mixture will settle and separate after it sits, so stir it with a straw before serving.

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