Mushroom Vegetable Chili Soup

Mushroom vegetable soup packed with earthy mushrooms, onion, zucchini or yellow squash, and sweet robust tomatoes made easily in one pot! Kid approved and you can control how much spice you want to add!

Are you one of the 87 percent of the population that is not consuming enough fruits and vegetables per day? I do not know about you but when I am not eating correctly or enough cooked or raw vegetables in my diet I feel foggy brained and lethargic. My energy levels plummet and I feel like my brain cells start to shrink (let me explain).

Yesterday was sheer embarrassment. I think my brain shrunk. If you were someone watching me and witnessed this moment, please do not judge, I have ALOT on my plate and mind currently.

The morning was spent running errands with little Curren as we hustled to first drop Chase off at school. Usually that consists of chasing two little ones down the “runway” they created that leads to their bedroom in our one story home. They are screaming “Catch me if you can!” While I am screaming “Please get dressed so we are not late!”

After a good 20-30 minutes of our at-home “Jog-a-thon” (thank God for those 4 cups of coffee I have already downed) we proceed to the great outdoors where I chase them into the car. We made it and I got the troops rounded up. “We are off” I am think as I hear the crowd roaring and cheering in my head:-)

Once we drop off Chase at school Curren and I head to Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ MAXX, post office and then Costco. While driving a billion things are fluttering in my mind. Call and transfer money to pay for Chase’s cavities. Call the dentist and make the appointment. Did I pay those bill, I think they are due in two days. Write that delicious blog post. What do I smell, did Curren just…?

We pull up to Costco, Curren’s diaper gets changed and we hustle into the store as I am thinking that I was just here yesterday. Why didn’t I get those pillows when I first saw them?

Now this is the fun part. As I leave Costco I head towards my car. My car is not there!!! What?

I circle the entire lot (the Costco size lot!) 4 times! 4 times before calling my husband crying that I am going crazy and I have no recognition of walking into the store or even getting out of my car. I was on total autopilot from the day before and I thought I parked in my old parking spot! I am sure people were staring at the lady circling the parking lot looking for her car.

So embarrassing. Needless to say I finally found it and felt relief when I right away remembered parking there but was so distracted with diapers and getting shoes on my two year old and thinking about everything that my running through my brain. Way too much overload that day. I am sure you have been there too.

I need more mushroom vegetable soup in my life that is for sure! After my whole episode I made it in time to pick up Chase from school then crashed on the sofa with a warm bowl of this delicious soup. Let me tell you the leftovers are just as good! I felt energized, like I could think again and tackle the world. Enough energy that I got up and decided to repaint the fireplace. Looks great but my hubby walked in the door from work a little surprised at my new home project.

Anyways, soups are really just the best. When you have a bad day they warm the soul. When you feel a bit sick they heal the body. And when you can not think clearly it nurtures the mind.

Aren’t most soup recipes one pot anyways? Aside from the slicing and dicing at least. As I pondered what to name this mushroom vegetable soup recipe the only action word that stuck with me was one pot. The base is mushrooms and I could call it a mushroom onion soup only those usually do not consist of extra veggies. Whatever the name, that is not important. What is important is that this is a great way to use mushrooms and is nourishing and rich in vital nutrients and minerals. And it is grain-free so add it to The Paleo Diet.

Even better, the best part about soups and one pot meals are there are  little dishes to wash! So go ahead, enjoy your mushroom vegetable soup!

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