Creamy Orange And Fig Smoothie

This dairy free creamy orange and fig smoothie tastes like a creamsicle and is bursting with Vitamin C immunity boosting nutrients!

Fig Smoothie

Being sick is not an ounce of fun and sounds anything but appealing. And we have been sick for about 3 weeks! If you have kids, I am sure you have been there –  locked up in a house with them and no where to go? You fear the outside germs will make it worse, or the people staring at your snotty nose kids judging you for taking them into the public. Yet little do they know they have had this cold so long they are immune to anything as it is in their system and the doctor says to just “wait it out”. Crap it sucks.

Smoothies, and more clean eating and oregano oil and eating garlic to kick this nasty cold once and for all is what has to happen. And guess what? It all has worked with no antibiotics! For me at least.

The figs are amazing and in-season and I have bought a large case of them. We used a few to make Gorgonzola and shallot pizza. I had a bunch left over and decided to incorporate figs into smoothies in place of dates. They are much less sugar and add a tad of sweetness and healthy fiber. Our family needing a big dose of  immunity boosting nutrients so I made this post workout (or anytime) smoothie recipe using protein powder, orange juice, figs and chia seeds. I feel as if I am eating the healthiest creamsicle ever created and knowing that my body is absorbing fabulous nutrients is just a bonus!

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