Kitchen Sink Spring Root Vegetable Salad

Everything but the kitchen sink in this spring root vegetable salad! It’s a flavorful vegan and gluten-free kitchen sink salad made with leftover vegetables that would otherwise get thrown away!

There comes a time in every persons life when the refrigerator gets a little bit out of hand with left over containers. You know- when you have lots of leftovers stored up thinking “maybe” you’ll eat them because of feeling guilty if the food gets wasted? Leftovers are convenient to grab for a quick meal only there isn’t enough of each to feed everyone and the foods don’t usually pair with each other.


You turn those leftovers into a dump and mix or everything but the kitchen sink salad! All it takes is finding the right dressing to pair with the leftovers. Creamy, sweet, salty, oil-base or yogurt base?

The other week I was trying to come up with a nourishing lunch for little C and I before we picked up big brother from school. I decided to use leftovers from our healthy snacks party platter that we just made that day for later and combine those leftovers and scraps with items in the fridge that were about to go to waste. I had a bunch of asparagus, arugula, roasted red potatoes and beets. We had the roasted potatoes with eggs and asparagus previously in the week so I didn’t want to make that again (guess a quiche for dinner would have worked too).

I also just finished also making a dill cashew dressing from another recipe so since I had a bunch of raw cashews leftover, so I tweaked the dressing off my vegan cashew cheese dip. It goes so good with the roasted vegetables!!! Little C and I loved this arugula salad with this dressing!

By the way, how pretty is this bowl of veggies, with everything just dumped together?! It’s like a messy-pretty bowl of everything, right? I have been so inspired by Cotter Crunch’s Nourishing Superfood Bowls Cookbook (check it out!) with how pretty curly carrot ribbons and bowls of veggies thrown together can look!

How to make a kitchen sink salad? 

Check out what is going on the fridge. What vegetables are about to go to waste? You can be creative and mix them all together in a salad or pasta salad!

If you have any roasted vegetables you can eat them raw or heat them up slightly. Dice any onions, red peppers, green peppers, carrots, asparagus (raw or roasted) super fine so they all the flavors mix together like a chopped salad! Add left over meats or nuts if you have too.

You can also go Mexican style. If you have any ingredients left over from taco night such as sauteed peppers and caramelized onions, just add them over green leafy lettuce like romaine or butter lettuce. For the dressing use salsa or my favorite green goddess dressing!

Kitchen sink salad recipes are so fun because you be as creative as you want! Literally, everything but the kitchen sink!

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