7 Ingredients For A Perfect Indoor Picnic

I actually think any indoor picnic is pretty perfect and fun as long as nothing spills and that is needed for this one is 7 Ingredients For A Perfect Indoor Picnic. Do you ever have epic indoor picnics? This past Monday Chase and I decided to have lunch on the living room floor.

I was a bit nervous about bringing lots of random plates onto the floor for fear of them getting knocked over along with our drinks and spilling into the carpet. But using a chip & dip plate keeps the food all on one platter and our drinks we set on another plate to keep stable.

We both love meals that offer an array of colors and variety that we can pick and choose what we want. Usually (I or) we (forced by me) put together a plate consisting of a protein, fruit, vegetable, & grain or carbohydrate. Since we made our plate together we couldn’t wait to dig in and play!

We served: grape tomatoes, tortilla chips, raspberries and cut out star watermelon, pistachios, homemade guacamole (recipe below). Use any extra watermelon and turn it into this watermelon juice recipe!


1. Blanket: Set out a large blanket on the floor.

2. 1 Food Serving Plate: Condense food onto 1 serving plate for easy handling into the other room.

3. Drink Plate: Set drinks on a plate or flat surface to avoid spilling.

4. Fun: Make food fun! Serve raspberries or olives to play with on little fingers. If it’s a game, kids are more likely to eat it.

5. Cookie Cutters: Use cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes in watermelon, cheeses or cucumbers.

6. Togetherness: Do it together. Have kids make shapes with cookie cutters or mix dip and guacamole.

7. Finger Food: Finger food is best for picnics (in my opinion).


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