Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream

Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream has 7 healthy natural organic ingredients. The flavors of coconut and chocolate combined with the creaminess of dairy-free coconut milk just brings a party to the table!

Nothing quite says warm weather like ice cream.

I used to hesitate making ice cream since I do not have an ice cream maker. But it actually is easier than one would think. The key is to just mix it (while it is freezing) about every 30 minutes for the first two hours. So I usually make this Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream at night or while playing with the kids in the afternoon when I know we will be home for a while.

The taste of fresh homemade ice cream and knowing it has 7 healthy, natural and organic ingredients adds a little bounce of glee into my life. Consuming coconut and coconut milk in moderation can benefit your health and help fight infection. Coconuts are filled with Lauric acid – an antiviral and antibacterial. Go ahead and indulge and enjoy this rich chocolate “healthier” creamy ice cream!

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