Healthy Quiche Recipe With Kale, Ham, Greek Yogurt (Cheeseless)

Satisfying and healthy quiche recipe made with finely chopped kale, ham and protein packed non-fat Greek yogurt baked in a gluten free pie crust. An 8 ingredient simple dish for a quick healthy breakfast, brunch or dinner!

Last April I brought home a fun surprise to the boys right around Easter… can you guess what it might be? Not an Easter Bunny (although I’m sure that would have been mind-blowing to a 5 year old!). I’ll give you a hint, they are small, furry and chirp a whole lot!

You guessed it… chickens!

I had gone to the pet store to pick up plants for the garden and came home with four baby chicks. Without asking the hubby first- now guess how that one went…

….but aren’t they just adorable? They are huge chickens now!

Like a kid in a candy store I was so excited and I couldn’t wait to surprise Big C when I picked him up from school to show him what was hiding in the little square box chirping in the car! The boys and I were BEYOND EXCITED and went right to hubbies work to introduce him to his new “children”.

His reaction was just about as dull as finding coal in your Christmas stocking. Not happy. Not one little bit. But being the awesome guy he is, we got to keep our little babies and he ordered a chicken coop as my Mother’s Day gift <3! And now we get to enjoy fabulous vibrant eggs with the most beautiful orange egg yolks EVERYDAY! Perfect for using in a frittatas, egg muffins, and a healthy quiche recipe like this one!

A homemade healthy quiche recipe is one of my favorite meals to make for dinner as store bought quiche is often filled with tons of cream and cheese. We try not to eat large doses of dairy. Plus quiche recipes are easy to make because you can add whatever vegetables and meats are in the fridge such as turkey, bacon, ham, sausage, peppers, spinach, mushrooms and more!

This healthy quiche recipe is kept simple. No cheese, no milk just non-fat Greek yogurt to add extra protein and it helps to FLUFF the eggs in place of cream. Kale and green onions add nutritious vegetables small enough to digest well and ham adds a natural salty flavor that completes the quiche as a whole.

This easy breakfast quiche is:

  • healthy
  • quick
  • can be made in advance for an easy meal
  • savory
  • flavorful
  • fluffy
  • gluten-free
  • high protein
  • light on lactose (There is a slight bit in the Greek yogurt but not as much as cream, milk and most cheese. Since it is strained three times, much of the lactose is removed)

If you want to go crustless quiche for a grain-free dish and turn it into a casserole it can be baked in a baking pan for about 40 minutes at 375 degrees.

My favorite gluten-free pie crust is this one, or my homemade pie crust. You can find the store-bought version at Sprouts or Whole Foods Markets in the frozen section. Any pie crust will work but theirs specifically is produced in a Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Nut & Casein Free Environment- so perfect for making pies and quiche recipes or for anyone with food allergies.

With all of our chicken eggs stored up in the refrigerator, I made a few of these quiches to store in the freezer for days I don’t have time to make dinner. To freeze your quiche for later- make it, bake it, let it cool and wrap it tightly plastic then sealed in a freezer zipper bag and remove an extra air.

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