Greek Yogurt Cardamom Cherry Pecan Scones

My mom made these Cardamom Cherry Pecan Scones for my sister’s bridal shower and I kept eating them for days! When I first made these I used cherries and the second time round I only had cranberries to use – both have tasted amazing. One thing to remember when making scones is they need to be mixed by hand. If you use a mixer they will turn out flat like a cookie as they become over-mixed (I found out the hard way and ended up making them three times until I figured out this was the cause!)

I also made low fat with nonfat Greek yogurt instead of butter! These Cardamom Cherry Pecan Scones are so fluffy and delicious!

Before the recipe ~ a few more red, white and blue ideas from my sisters Nautical Themed Bridal Shower. Happy 4th of July!

These freeze well. Serve them with cherry jam! What are your 4th of July plans and favorite foods to make?

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