Air Fryer Potato Wedges Recipe

When we need a quick french fry fix on the table that is healthy, low fat, crispy, tender, not fried, and tastes just as good, air fry potato wedges are always a go-to choice!

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Healthy, low fat, and unbelievably delicious air fry potato wedges!

Why air fry potato wedges work

I am utterly obsessed with my Instant Pot Air Fryer (if you need one they offer FREE Shipping!)! It gets the job done in as little as 15 minutes of cook time and there is hardly any clean-up! The results are incredible with a tender soft center and crispy golden exterior!

It’s all about healthy choices. Air fry potato wedges have zero trans fats that you would find with fried foods. Trans fats occur when the oil is cooked at high temperatures that take them to the point of becoming unhealthy. Olive oil does not contain any trans fats to begin with and since the air fryer cooks foods at a lower temperature, oxidation is less likely to occur. Oxidation is when the oil breaks down and can turn into a chemical. Chemicals are a no-no when comes to that healthy bod!

What are the best potatoes for french fries and wedges

Any potatoes work for homemade french fries and potato wedges such as russet potatoes, golden Yukon potatoes, or red potatoes. I use Yukon potatoes as they have less starchy carbs as russet potatoes.

What ingredients go into these fries

  • Medium to large size potatoes: russet, Yukon potatoes or red potatoes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • pink salt, black pepper, garlic powder

How to make homemade potato wedges in the air fryer

STEP 1: Wash the potatoes and cut them horizontally in half. Then cut each half down the center then 1-2 more slices on each side into wedges. Repeat for the other half and remaining potatoes.

STEP 2: Transfer the sliced potatoes in a medium bowl and drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and mix to coat.

STEP 3: Plug in the air fryer and click “Air Fry”, and set the temperature to 385°F (and cook for 12-15 minutes total), then hit “Start”. It will take a minute or two to heat up. Then it will beep and say to add food. Open the air fryer basket and spread the prepared potatoes on the cooking tray evenly so they do not overlap. Close and the air fryer basket and it will begin its 15 minutes.

STEP 4: About 5 minutes before finishing the air fryer will beep to flip food. Just open it and give it a little shake to flip the fries, close and wait for it to be finished. It cooks in 12-15 minutes total. Remove and enjoy your air fryer french fries right away with your favorite dip.

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