Bowtie Pasta Salad With Broccoli and Feta (Video)

Easy vegetarian gluten-free bowtie pasta salad made with broccoli, peppers and feta. Toss with a quick 5-ingredient Italian dressing for a quick healthy meal!

My mom introduced me to this easy pasta salad recipe growing up. Now, being a mama it has been passed down and I make this for my family. It is a full balanced meal with tons of vegetables, carbs and protein from the feta cheese. I usually can find gluten free bowtie pasta noodles here (also known as Farfalle) or use any little noodles you prefer.

Picky eaters just love this!

Chase is a super picky eater and Curren eats any and everything. Only now he is starting to watch his older brothers picky eating habits. There are constant words coming out of my mouth saying “Chase, be a good example, your brother is watching.” Which is then followed by, “Please eat that and show him how to be a good healthy eater like you.” Luckily it works! Sometimes:-)

Watch the short video on how to make broccoli and feta bowtie pasta salad:

With this fun bowtie pasta salad recipe, kids can pick out the yummy vegetables and flavors they prefer! I think the flavors all compliment each other so I prefer giant bites of bowtie pasta salad with every piece of broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and cheese that can fit on the fork!

Pasta salads are amazing and easy! Typically they are served cold and tossed in dressing, vinegar or mayonnaise. When my mom used to make this cold pasta salad she used store bought Italian dressing for convenience.

Homemade Italian dressing is so quick and easy to make so I have added our own simple 5-ingredient recipe. I make a big batch and just leave it in the refrigerator. It is great drizzled on roasted vegetables, quinoa salad, green salads, broccoli salad, and Italian pasta salad too!

Looking for something scrumptious as a Fourth of July party food? Pasta salads are perfect served in the spring and summer when the weather is warm and BBQ’s are happening. This is a sure crowd-pleaser at your next potluck or picnic. Serve it as and appetizer or main dish!

I am pretty sure this bowtie pasta salad will soon become one of your favorite party foods. Usually I make it ahead of time and leave it set in the refrigerator all day. When it is time for dinner this delicious one dish meal is ready to serve with zero “dinner hour” work to be done except setting the table!

Any vegetables can be used. Mix up the recipe with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and snap peas. Cannellini and garbanzo beans work well too for extra protein.

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