Loquat Orange Cocktail Recipe

Fresh loquat cocktail recipe mixed in a blender and naturally made with tequila and a splash of sweet orange juice!

Anyone else first wondering what is a loquat? Not to be confused with a kumquat. This small fruit has a high sugar, pectin and acid content and is delicious in alcoholic beverages, turned into jam, jelly, chutney or poached in a light syrup.

The loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) comes from high areas in China and some areas in Japan. Loquats are also known as the Japanese plum and Chineses plum (pipa in China). We have these large evergreen trees growing out here locally in California!

My in-laws just moved to a spectacular home on the California hills where new plants are blooming that I rarely see. One of them being a loquat tree. One afternoon I caught my brother-in-law off with my boys eating a bunch of the fruit. The fruit is about 30 percent fruit and the rest are large seeds that need to be removed first (the seeds are slightly poisonous).

Of course as I mom I was hoping my boys kept remembering to remove the seeds first before eating a loquat. Momma paranoia about everything:-) Turns out they did remember and I couldn’t get the kids away from the tree! They just love the fruit! So I decided to grab a couple of branches to bring home for them to enjoy as snacks and for me to try out a loquat cocktail recipe! Win-win, right?!

How To Make A Loquat Cocktail

  1. First prepare the loquats by pinching off one of the ends then squeezing out the seeds. Some loquats have multiple seeds in them and some only have one. Make sure all of them are removed. You will need about 30 loquates or 2 cups total.
  2. Have a blender ready! This only takes about 5 minutes to make. Simply add the loquates (after seeds are removed) to the blender with tequilla, agave syrup and fresh orange juice. Blend for about 30 seconds or until the drink is smooth. I use a Vitamix for blending as it does an excellent job keeping drinks and smoothies super smooth!
  3. Pour the juice over two cups of ice and enjoy!

Loquats are deliciously sweet with a flavor of peach, mango and citrus combined. They are incredibly healthy too! Low in saturated fat and sodium and rich in vitamin A, potassium, manganese and fiber – they aid to keep the body balanced. Potassium is great for reducing inflammation, vitamin A helps with eye sight and fiber aids in healthy digestion:-)

Another bonus to loquats are the syrup in them can help to sooth a sore throat. Not that you should be drinking a loquat cocktail with a sore throat, but you can also enjoy this drink without the booze. 

This is also delicious just as a smoothie. Skip the booze and enjoy with just the loquats, orange juice and agave syrup. Other wise, enjoy this recipe as a healthier cocktail without processed syrups and sugars. Cheers, friends!

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