10 BEST Natural Remedies For Cough, Cold & Flu

Natural remedies for cough, cold and flu symptoms to help heal your body quickly, boost immunity plus grandma’s best tea recipe to fight a naughty cough that doesn’t seem to go away! 

Natural cold remedies work wonderful for cough’s, especially in children that are not old enough for cough medicine and if you want to steer clear of over-the-counter drugs. Yes, they work sometimes but some of the best and EFFECTIVE cold, cough and flu remedies come from what our ancestors used- natural ingredients!

Top 10 natural remedies for cough, cold and flu symptoms:

  1. Teas such as Camomile Tea, Elderberry Tea, Throat Coat, Grandma’s Tea, Matcha Green Tea
  2. Umka Cold & Flu Tea, Umka Cold & Flu Chewable Cherry Tablets
  3. Spices – Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Garlic (which are anti-inflammatory)
  4. Lemon, Lime and Oranges – Alkaline citrus fruits!
  5. Coke Syrup
  6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  7. Organic RAW Honey
  8. Elderberry Syrup
  9. Oregano Oil (not suitable for children or if pregnant – check with a physician)
  10. Garlic

Lets elaborate on these further below:-)

About a year ago my oldest (Chase – aka Big C) woke up in the middle of the night straining to breathe.

His cough was so bad he couldn’t catch his breath for what seemed like hours. It wasn’t croup. We’ve been there. This was a deep cough that came with a runny nose and eyes that just couldn’t get out of his throat.

I even gave him cough medicine, waited 20 minutes and it still didn’t work.

At around midnight I called my mom who is 3 hours ahead of time to find out what to do. She said go make chamomile tea with honey and lemon. With a fresh batch of raw local honey, calming chamomile, a dash of anti-inflammatory fresh ginger and a splash of lemon – Chase’s cough FINALLY subsided! Who would have known that the most basic ingredients is all that we need sometimes – Natural remedies for cough, colds and flu symptoms really work when all else fails!

We call it “Grandma’s Tea”.

Every time the boys or I have a yucky cough we make this magical tea and it helps! Why is that so?

Good question…You see honey coats the throat to get the itchy away and chamomile and lemon calm the throat. Ginger adds anti-inflammatory properties to also calm the throat after coughing attacks.

Now any time we are sick we drink Grandma’s tea along with our other favorite teas and homeopathic cold care products.

Cold Symptoms:

Cold symptoms include watery eyes, runny nose, cold sores on the mouth or nose area and swollen glands in the neck and throat. If you are experiencing any of these, please start implementing these natural remedies for a cough, cold and flu!

Best Tea For A Cold:

Grandma’s Tea (printable recipe below)

Elderberry Tea – Elderberry comes in a syrup or tea form is is known to boost the immunity, cleanse the body, speed the metabolism, lower inflammation, protect the body against disease and aids the body in the healing process.

Throat Coat – Also coats and numbs the throat to calm a nasty cough.

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile has a calming effect to help the body rest and heal. It also decreases inflammation of the throat when coughing attacks occur. It treats insomnia, helps boost immunity, reduces muscle spasms, stress and soothes stomach pains.

Umka ColdCare Tea – They have a day and night tea that is wonderful! The active ingredient is Pelargonium sidoises 1x which shortens the duration and reduces severity of upper respiratory symptoms.

This tea is my FAVORITE and I swear it has helped us kick colds much faster than if we did not take it!

These teas have worked wonders! 

Home Remedies For Cough:

1. Home remedies for a cough are teas (listed above).

2. Natural cold and cough relief such as Umka Cold and Cough chews and Umka Cold Care Tea.

3. Anti-inflammatory herbs and spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and ginger.

4. Citrus fruits! Citrus is wonderful for boosting the body’s PH levels to an alkaline state of well-being. Citrus has high amounts of Vitamin C to help boost the immune system and fight off colds.

5. Old fashioned Cola or Coke Syrup! This one my mom and grandmother have always sworn by and it is one of the best natural remedies for cough! In the good old olden days this is what our great-great grandparents used to use and love to effectively get rid of a cough naturally. Coke syrup is hard to find but you can still get it at most specialty grocery stores or here. It is the most condensed form of Cola without the sweeteners and carbonation.

The best thing about cola syrup is that it coats the throat to relieve the itchy feeling to cough.

6. Add Eucalyptus essential oil to the room! This essential oil is great for opening up the airways in the lungs. Add it to an air purifier or add a dab mixed with coconut oil to your chest.

7. Raw honey to coat the throat! Local honey is actually best to have because it already has pollen from the air to build your immunity to allergies.

8. Elderberry Syrup is a highly potent immunity booster. It comes in an adult version and children’s version and is important to take right when you feel a cold coming on until 48 hours after you feel better.

9. Oregano Oil/ Oil of Oregano is a natural antibiotic! I know, right!? If you feel anything coming on please take this! It is a highly concentrated amount of oregano and comes in the form a of drops or pills. I prefer the pill form. Please note to check with a physician first as it is not safe for children or if pregnant.

10. Garlic! Garlic has potent natural medicine properties thanks to a compound called Allicin. It can help combat the common cold and sickness. You can get garlic tablets instead of eating large doses of garlic:-)

Fastest Way To Get Rid Of A Cold:

  1. The fastest way to get rid of a cold is rest, a healthy diet, and implement these immunity boosting home remedies for a cough, cold and flu.
  2. Get LOTS of rest. Eat tons of vitamin C in lemons, limes and matcha green tea (careful since this has caffeine and you don’t want the body to get dehydrated).
  3. Take natural antibiotics and immunity boosters such as garlic, Elderberry syrup, Oregano oil tablets and Umka natural homeopathic products.
  4. Eat lots of vegetables, garlic, anti-inflammatory spices and herbs like cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and matcha green tea (sparingly).
  5. Drink healing teas such as throat coat, chamomile and elderberry tea.
  6. Drink Grandma’s Natural Remedy For Cough, Cold & Flu Tea

Next time you have a cough please print and save this recipe! It has saved our family numerous times. Fill a large pot and make a couple of batches then store it in a heat-proof container to drink throughout the day or whenever a cough or cold starts.

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