Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside rosemary potatoes – hands-free roasted in the oven! These roasted potatoes are a tantalizing comfort food everyone gravitates to, especially during the holidays.

You may want to double or triple these rosemary potatoes for a large crowd, Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. Whenever we serve these, my family gobbles them up first and the kids love to dip them in ketchup or ranch dressing. They also serve great as a side dish with asparagus and carrots recipe, for breakfast with eggs, or with this healthy quiche recipe .

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  • Rosemary Potatoes (Roasted)

Why this recipe works

  • baked on a sheet pan which means minimal dishes – this easy roasted potato recipe is baked on a sheet pan (like this one) so there are no extra dishes. That also frees up your hands and the stove to make room for cooking other foods. That’s why I love serving these during the holidays or if we have people over for brunch.
  • healthy comfort food – unlike mashed potatoes, these rosemary potatoes are not filled with butter and milk which combined with carbohydrates can pack on the pounds. These potatoes are lightly coated in olive oil with seasoning which keeps the saturated fat content down, making them a healthier comfort food choice.
  • kid-friendly – kids love these tiny finger foods and potatoes are packed with fiber to keep them satisfied.
  • nutritional source of potassium and minerals – the skin is the most valuable part of a potato. The skins are left on so you are able to enjoy all the health benefits of potatoes!

What ingredients go into these potatoes

  • potatoes – preferably Golden Yukon potatoes or red potatoes.
  • rosemary dressing – which is made of olive oil, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar and fresh rosemary leaves.

How to make rosemary potatoes

STEP 1: Wash and prepare the potatoes by dicing them into ½ inch cubes. First cut the potato horizontally then into wedges. From there chop the wedges into small cubes. Set them in a bowl.

STEP 2: Mix together the rosemary dressing ingredients. Toss to coat the potatoes and then spread them evenly on a prepared baking sheet, making sure they do not overlap (the ones in the image below are spread out further before baking). I prefer to line my sheet with parchment paper to prevent sticking. If not using parchment paper generously spray the pan first with cooking oil.

STEP 3: Bake the roasted potatoes according to recipe directions in a preheated oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, flipping halfway through. This makes all the edges nice and crispy and slightly browned.

Frequently asked questions and expert tips

What kind of potatoes work best for roasted rosemary potatoes?

Golden Yukon potatoes or red potatoes work best for roasting as they have a delicate skin that can be left on and more easily digested than russet potatoes.

Can the potatoes be cut into larger chunks?

Yes, if red potatoes are small and round you can just cut them in half and do this same recipe. Please note the baking time will vary since the potato is thicker so more baking time will be needed. Give it 10-20 more minutes, checking again halfway through to flip until cooked and golden in color.

Do the potatoes have to be cut into the same size?

It is recommend to cut the potatoes into the same size so each piece bakes evenly.

What to serve with rosemary roasted potatoes

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