Baked Cod in Foil With Grape Tomatoes

Delicious cod foil baked with grape tomatoes, lemon and onion. An easy scrod dish ready to serve with a side salad or in tacos.

Hello friends! I’m writing from Virginia these past couple of weeks! While visiting my mom we made baked cod fish in foil for dinner one night and I am more than excited to share this with you! Not only because it is fabulous but incredibly easy too!

Big Chase, little Curren and I have been visiting family on the East Coast. Boy is it hot over on this side of the country! We are so not used to the humidity. It makes such a difference having the moisture in the air compared to living by west coast beaches. Kind of feels like being in a constant sauna. So I should be posting about ice cream with this heat index being so high but instead let’s make baked cod fish…in foil!

Anyone else a super big seafood eater? My boys and I are for sure, freshwater seafood or saltwater seafood, we crave it. Well maybe mainly me since I hold the meal planning card in our household (hehe!)! Salmon, scallops, tuna, swordfish, shrimp and crab are among our meaty seafood favorites. For a dense flaky white fish we like cod, rainbow trout and flounder. Baked, grilled, marinated and sauteed fish… we will take it all!

One-dish meals baked in foil is all the rage lately, and for good reason. I actually bake like that often, as it is such an easy, clean way to make amazing dishes!

 Atlantic cod, Alaska cod and just white fish in general are so healthy and mild in flavor. Cod liver is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, vitamin D, and vitamin E. So yes, please bring on that beautiful skin! Usually cod fish is used for fish and chips but it is also perfect in this ceviche recipe made with cod fish and cod fish tacos too.

How To Make Baked Cod Fish:

Ok, there is nothing fancy about baked cod fish. It is so easy this is my go-to technique for most seafood recipes. Don’t tell the fishermen that get them and send them to the fisheries. They would all be appalled that I didn’t fancy their fish the way they deserve. I just place it in foil. Oh the horror!

The secret to delicious baked fish (in my opinion) is slicing fresh lemon and placing the slices under the fish to bake. That way the acid slightly seeps into the filet without making it bitter. It flavors it just perfectly without much salt needed. Adding onion slices and tomatoes is just a bonus for extra flavor. Grape tomatoes are sweet and hearty with thick skin. They are shaped like an oval and have less water than cherry tomatoes, as a result when they roast with fish, they produce a slight sweetness in the fish! Once the fish is baked, broil it on high for about 3 minutes to crisp the tomatoes so they burst with sweetness!

Time to fire up that oven, grab some foil and start roasting your baked cod fish! We enjoyed ours over arugula lettuce with avocado and cilantro. Enjoy!

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