Tomato Onion Tart with Caramel Onions

Warm savory tomato onion tart made with crispy pastry sheets to serve as an appetizer or for a light dinner gathering!

This fabulous flavorful tart can be made ahead and reheated at dinner time. With our playful schedules lately I favor dinners that are baked early in the day or the night before and can simply be reheated and served with a side salad within minutes. Because life is busy and there are more important things than fussing over a hard meal to make.

Four years ago changed my life. It was the end of my 20’s and time to embrace the next chapter of life: my 30’s as a parent. When I was chatting with my sister on the phone yesterday (who is married with no children) we talked about our plans for the upcoming weekend.

I left the conversation laughing and thinking “oh, the carefree freedom” of a “go-with-the-flow” “no responsibility” day like I had when I was 20. She was partying late, sleeping in late, skiing all day, and afterwards laying in her hot tub to sooth sore muscles. My weekend, on the other hand is determined my the mood of my children.

I “plan” to go to bed early, wake up early, do a blog post, make pancakes together, fold laundry, play at the park, go to the beach, go for a run. Some days our little ones have another plan. They stay up late, wake up early, do not want pancakes, throw the laundry just folded, do want to play at the park, and scream when it is time to go depleting every last bit of energy left to go for a run. And the best part about it all is that I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love that my babies need me.

Life in my 30’s if different, busy, and sometimes hard to plan. This is a really big stretch for me as I am a huge planner (thanks mom!) in which I thrive on schedules, agenda books, color coordinated closets and an orderly home.

My babies are just teaching me to live outside the box a bit. Are you with me? It is hard sometimes when life feels controlled by our children and their schedules, but that’s the beauty of family and working together. In our home we are a team and everything we do we strive for in a team effort. So our team cooks, bakes, chops and dips and eats together.

My 30’s and becoming a mom led me to cook more. To teach my children the importance of clean eating, what foods are important fuels for our bodies and how it can heal us when we are feeling run down. Cooking has become our team event and for me, the food on the table is something I can have control over with a plan.

One way that has helped our family eat healthy at dinner time is by having a monthly menu plan printed on the refrigerator. I have been really excited to talk about this with as I have been working on this project for months. A project of healthy meal ideas that can help you save time, save money and gain control with bringing healthy foods to the table that aren’t a big fuss to prepare. As moms our most important job is caring for and feeding our families and sometimes the ciaos in life takes control. I have developed a 31 Day Make Dinner Happen! Meal Plan. It consists of 31 dinners that take 30 minutes or less and are mostly gluten free and vegetarian. The bonus is that it comes with a shopping list and cost per meal to help your family save time and money and still eat incredibly healthy!

Chase mixed the onions over the stove until it became fragrant with hints of garlic. When it was time to layer our ingredients he was all about spreading purple onions around our fresh pastry shells. The boys and I made this early in the morning so we could (shoot photos) and have more afternoon time to play at the park before dinner. Our dinner menu told us to make pizza so we improvised with this new dish using our pizza ingredients. Make two batches and save any leftovers for a healthy lunch the next day!


Isn’t this gorgeous!?! Here are a few of my favorite fantastic side salad dishes to serve with your stunning tomato onion tart:

  • Healthy Pomegranate Salad
  • Arugula Salad
  • Spinach Salad

What we loved about this dish is how light the pastry crust is. It is not heavy like pizza and its abundance of cheese. This healthy dinner is super flavorful from the combination of  buttery crust and the sweetness of tomato paste followed by hints of tart cheese. My husband’s exact words were “this is really good! I wouldn’t have expected that- you need to blog this and make it again”! And both my littles love it too (getting a full serving of vegetables), which says a lot since Chase doesn’t normally favor onions.

And did you know that eating cooked tomatoes boosts its health benefits? Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin c and lycopene, the phytochemical that makes them red but also gives it antioxidant properties. Cooking tomatoes increases its lycopene levels but does reduce its levels vitamin c. So it is a good idea to incorporate a balance of cooked and raw tomatoes into your healthy diet.

I think you will be pleasantly pleased with the outcome!

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